Shares of high-tech companies Microsoft collapsed by 11% in one day


Within a few hours Microsoft capitalization decreased by $ 34 billion — much more than the cap is not a small company Yahoo.

According to analysts, the most negative information was received Microsoft reported a loss of $ 900 million (!) On the revaluation of inventory Surface RT tablet under the operating system Windows RT. As you know, the cost of tablets recently reduced to $ 150, in an attempt to stimulate demand. This means that the warehouses Microsoft left six million unsold tablets. And yet it is unclear whether they will be able to sell at all. According to IDC, for I quarter. 2013 Microsoft sold only 900 thousand tablets.

Even without this "unexpected" loss tablets with Microsoft profit was well below analysts' expectations. This is the worst quarter since 2004.

All of this is on the fundamental issues in business Microsoft, associated with falling sales of personal computers in the world, after Microsoft receives more than 80% of its revenue from sales of Windows, the Windows Server and Office programs. CEO Steve Ballmer announced a restructuring of the company for the development in an era of "post-PC".

The catastrophic situation with sales Surface tablet makes it clear that "restructuring" will fail. Although the bankruptcy far: Microsoft has the financial resources (cash and investments) at $ 77 billion.

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