Shell has lost more than two billion dollars on shale gas


The Anglo-Dutch oil company Royal Dutch Shell has written off $ 2.2 billion due to the design and development of shale gas in the United States. The official report states that the net profit of the organization in the second quarter of 2013 decreased time by 57 percent to 1.74 billion dollars.

In the past year, Shell in the same period received about $ 4.1 billion. As emphasized by the authors of the publication, if not for shale gas, the latter figure amounted to 4.6 billion dollars.

The company's revenue also fell — first figures were $ 117 billion, now — about 112.7 billion.

According to the company's employees, the North American region will create losses for at least another six months. In this regard, they intend to adopt a new strategy and sell some assets.

Negative impact on the company and other factors — for example, the reduction of production in Nigeria, the constant theft of oil within the country, as well as damage to the pipelines, which are applied Islamist militants.

Shell oversees several development of shale gas in North America, in addition, the company is developing the business in Canada, Australia, China and the Ukraine.

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