Shipments to China bombers Tu-22M3 unlikely

Shipments to China bombers Tu-22M3 unlikely

Interfax-AVN — Information on the number of media that our motherland can put in China Party distant bombers Tu-22M3, it is not clear, said, "Interfax-AVN" on Wednesday expert at the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies Vasily Kashin.
"In the real time delivery of new China Tu-22M3 bombers, reported by the media, almost on a physical level likely. The creation of these aircraft were phased out in 1993 and more not renewed. Not implemented and installed on this aircraft engines NK-25. The resumption of production of the aircraft after a hiatus of 20 years, if at all, at the technical level, can be obtain on demand cyclopean investment and years of hard work ", — said Vladimir Kashin.

Thus he commented on several media that China can buy in Russia 36 Tu-22M3 for $ 1.5 billion.

"Rumors about the sale of Russian Party of China Tu-22M3 bombers appear in the Chinese web, and the Western media often in the past 10 years. As you know, China previously showed interest in the aircraft, but the talks did not lead to a result, "- said Vladimir Kashin.

According to him, "Russia at the technical level would put the Chinese only Tu-22M3 an old issue."

"But even in this case, would require significant work on their repair, conversion for comparability with Chinese weapons systems, communications, management, etc. And even in this case, China at very significant costs would have received an old plane with old engines, "- said the expert.

He noted that "the project looks all the more incomprehensible, given that at the current time, China implements a program from production of upgraded bombers H-6K, which are carried out by large-scale purchases in Russia engines D-30KP2."

"Although the H-6K is based on more more an old Russian base structure (Tu-16), he had been a constructive redesign has greatly increased range, advanced equipment and perfect cockpit avionics. As a carrier-ship cruise missiles (and this is the main function of modern bombers), he almost gives way to an old Russian Tu-22M3 "- said the expert.

Earlier, the official dealer of the press service of the Defense Ministry and disk imaging on the Air Force said, "Interfax-AVN," which in Russian air force of 100 bombers Tu-22M3.

"At the present day in the Air Force in service is more 100 missile carriers Tu-22M3. Until 2020, will be upgraded to a modification of the Tu-22M3M about 30 units, "- he said.

The Tu-22M3 bombers took part in the fighting during the Afghan war. "Limited Tu-22M3 bombers took part in the counter-terrorist operation in the North Caucasus and in the Georgian-Ossetian conflict in August 2008," — said the representative of the Defense Ministry.

In the operation of the Tu-22M3 can be used more than 10 variations of weapons. The transition from the 1st option of weapons (missiles, bomber or mixed) to another is provided in operation as soon as possible. Conducting tactical flight maneuvers with the introduction of the Tu-22M3 in various regions of the country showed that plane can be operated with operational airfields with the lowest cost of training equipment and weapons.

"All of this allows you to use a set of perfectly in any theater of war, in different latitudes and weather zones as the basis, and on an operational airfield" — highlighted the official dealer of the Defense Ministry.

The first flight of the Tu-22M3 did 35 years ago, June 20, 1977. After executing applets flight development tests of Tu-22M3 in 1978 was put into mass creation, which ceased in 1993. From 1991 to programmke small modernization serial Tu-22M3 introduced a new flight control and navigation system and control system aircraft guns, said a spokesman for the Defense Ministry.

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