Short circuit flight to the ISS. Union made it to the ISS up to 8 times faster than normal



A short flight to the scheme MCOP. "Soyuz TMA-08M 'docked with the ISS, just six hours after launch from Baikonur. First flight takes at least two days, says the Russian Space Agency.

"Union" with the new ISS crew took off at 00:43 MSK from the launch complex of the platform number 1 of Baikonur. On the International Space Station ship docked at 06:28 MSK. "Docking performed by commands from Earth in the estimated time, in automatic mode" — quoted by RIA "Novosti" representative of the Russian Federal Space Agency.


The ship, as explained by the space agency, performed the first flight of a short regimen of flight to the ISS, having made only four turns around the earth instead of the usual 30. Because of this the flight was reduced by more than eight times.

A few hours later the crew of the ISS, which includes Russian cosmonaut Roman Romanenko, NASA astronaut Thomas Mashburn and Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, will open the hatches and meet with colleagues who arrived at the station — Russians Pavel Vinogradov and Alexander Misurkin and American Christopher Cassidy.


The new crew is waiting for an extensive research program, which consists of 42 experiments. In addition, the cosmonauts and astronauts have to meet three Russian truck "Progress" European transport ship and ATV-4. Planned for the crew and four spacewalks. In one of them will need to be installed on the ISS system to forecast natural disasters in the world. Expedition will end after 168 days. Such flights to short circuit to the ISS will continue to be carried out successfully.

Sergei Bobchinsky

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