Signalers SOUTH master satellite station 5th generation BELOZEROV

With the military communicators combined arms of the Southern Military District, stationed in Chechnya, held workshops on the exchange of data between users.

As the press service of the Southern Military District, Corps experts performed about 20 standards for the development and operation of the field of mobile command posts, field communication nodes and spent more than 10 integrated training in different frequency bands.

In the course of training communicators enhance their work stations on portable satellite communications 5th generation "BELOZEROV" that came to the compound of the retrofitting program SOUTH troops at the end of the past.

The new station is designed to provide satellite communication networks for the benefit of units operating in isolation from the main force, as well as for use as a personal station commander.

It allows to transfer digital and text messages to negotiate subscribers in anywhere in the world via satellite. Compared with the previous generation stations data rate increased by several times. In the stowed position, the size of the radio looks like a school backpack and can be carried by one person, her weight is 16 kg.

The advantages of space communication systems include a large range of reliable communications, including difficult terrain, regardless of the weather conditions, time of day and year, as well as high razvedzaschischennost.

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