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Because I do not pilotsNow such a concept as the outsourcing of military, civilian society well informed. Reports from representatives of all areas of media vying tell how comfortable it became today's generation to serve the military, for which the employees are now outside organizations and local towns clean and prepare meals, and equipment service. "Is that in the battle for us still do not go," — added to the drama of the assistant commander of the Ural separate motorized rifle brigade logistics Colonel Eugene Tsindyaykin.

— Everything is very relative — pointedly notes Colonel Tsindyaykin. — I would, for example, did not exactly say that service driver-mechanic entrusted battle machine — it's not typical of the military function. Faster, on the contrary. Since this process — out of the cage questions battle availability, where the leading role remains for those who exploit the tank, infantry fighting vehicles, the car, etc.. You can not take the driver only as a pilot. He even priuchivat to similar thoughts fraught and even dangerous for the cause that we serve.

But, according to Eugene Tsindyaykina, from professionals outside organization is now a lot of reasons hampering the ability of the military. These are set out in an agreed list of work and volume of certain technical specifications.

— In the end, — says the source — we got a clear view of what is, on the one hand, the need to make the brigade arrived in the fleet representatives of the repair and warranty structures, and, on the other — is acceptable to make of the driver and the driver connection . Specifically permitted. Since there are moments in which the personnel of the team, as they say, and should not be touched. Namely, during the transfer of technology to another operating mode 70 percent of all the work we are doing experts at 144th Armoured Repair Plant and its contractors. But before you start to seasonal maintenance, they brought every combat unit to technical-level working order — there is a specific job for experts only …

Untouchable for military drivers listed brigade combat vehicles, staying on warranty. Such standards are in the Ural connection are armed with a tank battalion. Control over them produce industrials Tagil Uralvagonzavod. Therefore, in this area as well as all clear — at least some third-party technical intervention instantly cancels assigned to the tank status of the object remaining on the warranty.

Because I do not pilotsWith the same scruples are characteristic direction by representatives of "Spetsremont." In connection still are armed combat vehicles whose age exceeds the operational 20-year limit. Conduct on such swatches reconstruction work only by napravlentsam in possession have the right replacement kits. Troop geeks such parts do not have.

At maximum volume of similar restrictions that are able to make the brigade structure in the event of failure of wheel or crawler units — notify the appropriate remorganizatsii the need for reconstruction.

— Fortunately, — the colonel Tsindyaykin — with the assistance of foreign outsourcing organizations we have no problems. Moreover, one of the napravlentsev 144th Brigade BTRZ is on constant basis. Thanks to a one-year plan drawn up by the maintenance and repair of equipment in the output he has one hundred percent of the current situation in the Brigade Tank-Automotive sector.

And yet, from the first day or the step of translation machinery for the winter operating mode drivers, mechanics, drivers and vehicles separate motorized rifle divisions of the Ural connection orderly went to the park military vehicles.

Interested Colonel Tsindyaykina, does not contradict this step against the already mentioned restrictions, the current provisions on outsourcing?
— Not contradict any period of planned battle study, when the composition of the driving himself produced fuel refueling equipment, remove and install the battery, made a number of other maintenance units assigned to the machines. Do not go against these acts, and at the moment, during the pre-season working out problems. The soldiers carried out visual inspection machines, inspect the presence of fuel, special fluids, as required make their replenishment. Keep a drain sediment from the fuel tanks mounted on the auto thermal insulation, inspect the operation of boilers, heaters. Such moments are definitely remain with the crew. After all, they have to specifically exploit fighting vehicles, vehicles on a daily basis. Therefore, they must know, moreover, should be able to do it. But the time of removal, for example, identified a fault in the boiler-heater — this is the task of industrial professionals. Simply put, there is a typical section of the ongoing work. Its ratio of about 60 to 40 where the current criteria for the most part rests on the shoulders of civilian technicians.

Also, as revealed in the course of conversation, the brigade has to date technology standards, which have not been shrouded in contractual agreements for outsourcing. This car carburetor Gas Group-66 and ZIL-131. Auto type data transferred to the category of non-prospective samples. But by staying basic carriers of special military systems (individual samples communications and air defense), continue to reside in the army ranks. Naturally, they need to discover the same technical attention as the main vehicle fleet connection. That is why the task maintenance carburettor vehicles lies completely on the shoulders of the military.

By the way, about the personnel. According to Eugene Tsindyaykina, do not work in the army programm technical outsourcing deal with current tasks in the part relating to the repair, maintenance of vehicles and armored vehicles, would be much more difficult.

— Today's recruits — said the source — even if they are before the army passed technical training course in the DOSAAF not yet possess knowledge of how much more abilities that are needed troop of the driver. Because based on the teams from each newcomer team of drivers in the order of mandatory additional training courses conducted. And specifically on those machines where they will serve in the next. In the base month course of study, which has become in recent years the event of a system dominated by marching training and technology training. This moment was a particularly burning now, when cars park compound, having undergone a significant upgrade, Uniform — 97 percent of wheeled vehicles — a "Ural" and KamAZ. Brand new appliances, so you need to for myself, I would have said, quivering of the case and that very principle, competent approach. In the experience of operating machinery can say that half of the vehicles took place on the damage was caused by the driver's failure to comply with the rules of the composition of the technical appeal. But there is another point, why do we need not just a pilot, but not in the least degree mechanic. The fact that things are armored with a group of compounds things not so well as with a wheelbase. Connections are in service with the BMP-2 "solid" age. All of them have first-2000s have gone through a complete overhaul. But even "iron", as you know, is not eternal. For example, self-propelled artillery units have long required the substitution of rubber bandage rollers. Already meet the facts of "metal fatigue."
All failures often occur final drive. It is clear that most of the current programs from service — is the sphere of attention of representatives of outsourcing. But our driver-mechanic sit warehouse hands do not have to. But again, this fighter must possess at least some level of technical training. What we as abilities and pay attention.

— Have you tried to lure the driver's part to replication of those same professionals in the outsourcing system when they are, say, busy rebuilding and maintenance of brigade fighting vehicles, tanks, wheeled vehicles? Visibility, as you know, a valid way of learning.

— We practice and such an approach. Thank spice remzavod, they give us this is not denied. Although allowing the military to "master classes", certainly warn look, train, but without the help of others in the field of outsourcing tasks do not climb — it's not yours. Although no no exceptions. The brigade, for example, up to now has company technical assistance, evacuation and logistics. It has its workshops. The personnel of a tolerance for an initial repair. These soldiers, sometimes, help outsiders spice works to rebuild the brigade technology. For us, such alignment is very important. After all, experts at companies — is technical provision for "just fire" is the location of the connection.
— By the way, experts at outsourcing to help you in the field criteria?

— At a certain point — yes. For example, take part in the reconstruction of technology company training and combat weapons. These are the standards on which the study is conducted military compound. I can say that in real time on the training ground Sverdlovsk repair and service cars "Ural" produce experts at UralAZ. Moreover, in the presence of Brigadier drivers "Ural". We try not to miss the moments we are profitable. Outsourcing — this is fine. Better yet, do not forget that the driver, it is not only the one who "turns the steering wheel." And the one who is "excellent" knows entrusted materiel, and may yet in a way without the help of others to remove the problem.

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