Since the beginning of 2011 households in rural Altai region created 555 new jobs

This represents 44% of the planned project boundary "100 100" indicators. Only in the region are planning to create one thousand 260 jobs.


In the Altai region as a result of the regional program "100 100" plans to build, reconstruct and modernize at least 100 dairy and 100 beef farms and complexes to 289.2 thousand heads, to increase milk production of 48.6 thousand tons of livestock and poultry — by 29 thousand tons. Marketability produced in the country (farmer) and the smallholdings of milk is expected to increase to 30%, livestock and poultry — up to 60%.

During the first half of 2011, the participants of the project "100 100" for the development of fodder production and livestock set aside land with total area of 78 thousand hectares. As part of the program purchased 887 head of pedigree cattle. Within 11 months of the year in the Altai region constructed, reconstructed and modernized 144 livestock facility on 1 tys.077 skotomest.

On the modernization of the livestock industries and fodder production, agricultural producers sent 513.1 million rubles.

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