Since the beginning of 2013, Shanghai had only 59 days with no smog


The situation with the increasing air pollution in the Chinese metropolis has long been critical. In the first three months of 2013, only 59 days Shanghai residents can enjoy a more or less clear air and a time to forget about the fear for their health. The quality of the air in 2013 was the lowest for the entire period of observation, and for 10 days in the city held down minimum visibility.

The city administration has decided that if the contamination will be on the last two levels of 6-level scale of safety and air quality index is up to 201-300 and will be maintained within this range for about 18 hours or more, then the city will implement emergency measures . These include control over a steaming plants, Pass over cars and an official statement about the dangers through microblogging, web sites or local media, in schools and kindergartens canceled walking on air.

When the quality index exceeds 300, which corresponds to a high degree of contamination have to toughen measures. Shanghai residents will not be able to light fireworks, ride on old cars with defective exhaust system, and the number staying and working in the city gosavtomobiley will be reduced by 30%, schools and kindergartens will be closed.

The average concentration of harmful fine sediment PM2, 5 in Shanghai air in January-March 2013 was 73 mg/m3 for the daily limit of 75 and an annual 35 mg/m3.

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