Sister brother threw the dried up during the harvest



In Japan, the two sisters lived for more than a year in an apartment with the mummified corpse of his brother before his death found. The remains of 48-year-old Macao Tadano were found in his bedroom during the harvest before moving to a new home.

It was found that the deceased had long before his death began to lead an extremely secluded life, preferring not to go out of his room. According to the women, the last time they saw his cousin in 2010. Long before that time, he even stopped to greet the sisters. Relatives, apparently, this situation was not embarrassed.

Stumbling upon the corpse during the harvest, the women were frightened and decided to get rid of it. To do this they cut the body of the deceased to pieces, spread them in bags and carried in the trash can next to the house. "I am afraid that we can push against the charges, and therefore decided to get rid of this" stuff ", — said one of the sisters later a policeman.

The remains were discovered by local workers, who reported everything to the police. The exact cause of death is not yet known, but according to the police, there is no evidence of its violent nature. No charges were brought against the sisters.

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