Site of LarGOprokat became golden

The company's website, "LarGOprokat" won 12 national open Internet competition "Golden Site" in the category "Transport".

"Golden Site" — one of the most prestigious competitions, the winners of which annually become only the best Web Site friends in dozens of nominations. The contest was founded in 1997, and during the lifetime participation in it has taken thousands of the most successful sites and developers Russia. 

Contestants are evaluated hundreds of leading experts of the Russian Internet, and the victory in the competition raises the prestige of owning an online resource and is a beautiful proof of consumer and selling the site properties.

The winner of the competition 12 "Golden Site" in the category "Transport" is the company "LarGOprokat", offering car rental services.

The developers of the website "LarGOprokat" by OOO Center Internet Technologies "Fact", our goal was to create the most attractive way to customers' LarGOprokat "in a modern and functional management system (used by 1C-Bitrix CMS), a clear structured catalog with images and more more.

The organizers of the competition, making the decision to award the site of such high rank, noted the convenience of the site "LarGOprokat", including clear and easy to navigate by section, intuitive controls, the presence of a functional calculator, cost of services, attractive and friendly design.


Ltd. "Largo Motors" was founded in 2011 in St. Petersburg. The company offers a range of services associated with the rental of cars and commercial vehicles. Basic Services Ltd. "Largo Motors" — a car rental without a driver, car rental with driver, car rental with purchase. All the details are available on the site —

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