Slipped and fell … He came to … Reflections on the materialization of mental thoughts

Slipped and fell ...  He came to ...  Reflections on the materialization of mental ideasInosmi along with home-grown "obschechelovekami" again amused … One gets the persistent recollection of "incomplete official approval," and maybe even a complete mismatch … the service. In general, in order:

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov broke his left hand in an Istanbul hotel, reports CNN Turk. According to the preparatory disk imaging, resulting in injury falling down the stairs. The head of the Foreign Ministry immediately taken to the clinic and was put in plaster. The other day, Mr. Lavrov flew to Turkey as part of the official delegation to the meeting on the role of the discussion of the Russian-Turkish cooperation.

Here blogosphere exploded:

"Oh, something aching back!"
President Putin during his visit to Turkey. They write that there gave a point to know the "injury" back … Meanwhile, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Lavrov was the same in Turkey, according to the official Russian media, the "minor sports injury," as the truth, so arm broke. It is, for sure, for the company: a national leader is not one to suffer! National leader now, for sure, Lavrov for reward sensitivity …

As we said Alterfaks Agency, Lavrov really broke his arm in Istanbul.
Falling down the stairs, he successfully landed on its own Turkish worker. Doctors report that the state of the Turkish diplomat measured, put in plaster.

Minister Sergey Lavrov Turkey broke his arm when carrying in her arms to the bed of Vladimir Fishing season, that hard to move around.

"Lavrov broke his arm. Pity"

While on vacation in Turkey, and at the same time doing some kind of a diplomatic purpose, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the most foreign to their own people in the country for themselves broke his hand.

The fact that hand broken concrete at rest, and not as a result of excess hobbies counterfeit vodka or whiskey during the official reception in honor of the great guests confirmed the press service of the Foreign Ministry. But first she called a message about broken arm delusions, later told of a brand new sport on the landings … (Forbes).

About the event also write:, BBC, Echo of Petersburg, etc.

Media are sad about the broken ministerial hand, and on the outer warped policies they say not a word.
As if taken sorry about the hair when you lose the whole head?

"Putin broke his arm Lavrov?"

— The Russians have once again jittery because of the health of the authorities: Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov broke his arm during a visit to Turkey. Incident by now are unknown, reports broadcaster CNN Turk. The minister of foreign affairs in the real point is coupled with President Putin's official visit to Istanbul. As long as the world's favorite tried to come to one of views on the settlement of the Syrian conflict, journalists more concerned with the health of Putin. Of the countless photos made the other day, that Vladimir Putin had severe pain in his back — to such an extent that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has helped Putin to sit in a chair.

— Temporary problems with the health of the President, may be, will be used to update his style: instead of a macho appear before us a measured sage 'wise patriarch of Russian politics "," Nezavisimaya Gazeta ". Able to see the publication of the report created for the 1st of governors. The document explains the campaign against corruption, said that the president plans to move closer to the liberals and distance themselves from the security forces, also said that temporary health prepyadstviya head of state will be used to update his style. The first hints of a style change is to find the message Fishing season Federal Assembly, the newspaper said.

Usually such a change of style. Initially sent Fedsobranie later broke his hand Lavrov.

Alpha male, he is a stunning.

But the photos are used Inosmi:

Slipped and fell ...  He came to ...  Reflections on the materialization of mental ideasBy the way, if you look at the video of this moment, everything falls into place. No one helped Mr Putin to sit in a chair, it was just gestured pointing to a chair. So do always and everywhere. But, CNN photo by bad camera angle (for the moment all the pictures, we simply remove these photos, right?), I would have said a frank marriage, used it in their own dances with a tambourine! Shamanism? The materialization of mental thoughts? We would like to attempt to pass for real??

That's interesting, and that is such a prestigious new trend for the opposition will always keep Forums — not to attribute them popular with politicians (and pepper clear that apart from Putin's most hated — Lavrov) terrible disease? My back hurts — cancer, hand pulled — broke sneezed — tuberculosis, a tummy ache — cholera?
It's such a natural shamanism. Even worse. Primitive communal sympathetic mystic. Drew defeated Tiger — is almost defeated. :)
But, in general, the implementation of this method (and I am 200% sure that it was invented and agreed upon) states first about using it. About their level of development. Obscene dances with Oromo to the Virgin Mary and the full support of these dances "of our intellectuals" from the same opera.

-With savages.

By the way, the Russian Foreign Ministry denied the fact of a broken arm in Lavrov.

Russian Foreign Ministry denied a report that minister Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov during a working visit to Turkey broke his arm.

The press service of the department dubbed the absurd details of hospitalization minister. There clarified that in the fall the minister received a "de minimis, a sports injury," which does not affect his work schedule and recently Lavrov accept the role of a meeting of the Russia-NATO Council in Brussels, "- RIA announcements.

The news that the Russian Foreign Minister broke his left hand in the wrist area, stumbled on the stairs in the hotel, the service was vserasprostranena Turkish CNN and picked up by the global media.

Note that journalists are not the first time try to make a splash on the "dilemmas" of health among representatives of Russian rukovodstava. Earlier media reports said on Tipo occurring severe back injury President and desired him to emergency surgery. Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in response that the head of the country's total only a small sport
s injury.

It seems to me that it is time for managers and customers similar hype in the media, to draw conclusions about incompetent performers. As they say we "of incomplete official approval." As far as the materialization of mental thoughts, as they say in the East, "How many do not repeat — halvah, and my mouth will not become sweeter!"

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