Slowing global warming — it's a mystery to climatologists

June 21, 2013. Which year scientists struggling with the question about the causes of global warming and projections for its development. Most ordinary people to follow the scientific controversy, not knowing who to believe. Some say that warming is in full swing, others argue that it has slowed down, and others — that it has completed, or not at all.

Clarify and explain what's what understandable to the common man, took the floor scientist Justin Gillis (JUSTIN GILLIS). In an interview with the newspaper «The New York Times» he said that warming is happening and that in recent years it really slowed. When asked why this was happening, he said the following: "The reason for slowing global warming — it's a mystery to climatologists. As strange as it may sound, but the mankind in the last 15 years was just lucky. "

Luck for humanity scientist believes an amazing superposition of two factors: the increase in average global temperature due to increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and reduce the amount of solar heat reaching the ground due to atmospheric pollution. According to Gillis, it appears that one evil is still compensated more. Really lucky. For how long?

Source: Meteovesti

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