Snowfall paralyzed Stockholm

Snowfall paralyzed Stockholm Weather and Climate

Land and air transport in Stockholm and around the north-eastern Sweden strongly disturbed due to prolonged snowfall. Stopped working a couple of bus routes, some of them were replaced by shorter. Rail service along the east coast is also experiencing difficulties. In this area of the country announced a warning about the dangers of the 2nd category.

Closed because of a snowstorm, some of Stockholm School. Citizens strongly advised not to travel by private car, because the snow will continue to grow and will add at least 10 cm danger is also a strong wind.

Because of the disruption to the largest in the Stockholm-Arlanda Airport has affected about 60,000 passengers. Cancellations and delays of flights will last another day. At the moment, the priority is given to taking off the courts, all landing mostly diverted to other airports. Several flights were not able to follow the schedule and in the Swedish Bromma airport.

In the west of Sweden because of snowfall in a car crash killed a woman. In the accident near Uppsala pi crashes of passenger car and truck injuries to one person close to this place from the road came down bus with 50-Tew passengers in the cabin. Across the country, accidents were recorded much more.

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