Soldiers unrighteousness

Timeworn America was once again shocked when I went on the internet photos of U.S. soldiers posing with the dismembered bodies of their slain Afghans.

Start gave the newspaper "Los Angeles Times", which placed shot a soldier with a severed hand on the shoulder of Taliban. Of signatures indicated that the military belongs to the 82nd Air Division of the United States, located in Afghanistan. Then, on the website of the newspaper there is another picture of a soldier who was holding a severed leg of his enemy. In the third photo, two soldiers posing with severed hand Taliban, tilting her middle finger. In the background can be seen the body of the victim. 

In response to the rising noise, the Pentagon arranged for the publication of photos and stopped. However, "Los Angeles Times" has had to announce that at its disposal are 18 images in the genre of "photo with dismemberment."

The reaction of the society was so perturbed that Defense Secretary Leon Panetta had to make a special statement. At a press conference in Brussels, the Minister said: "These facts concern us, but do not say that we represent themselves when it comes to the majority of men and women in uniform. I know it was awful, but I think that young people sometimes make very stupid decisions. I do not condone their behavior, but do not want these pictures have caused further damage to our prestige and our relationship with the Afghan people. We got the "Los Angeles Times" to stop the promotion pictures for the reason that these photos give the enemy an opportunity to spread violence and dying as a result of new life. We regret that they were published. Once again I say that we are sorry about it and spend a full investigation. "

In a similar spirit expressed by representatives of the U.S. troops in Afghanistan, the White House announced that President Barack Obama has demanded an investigation and bring those responsible to justice.

It is clear that all these statements are purely political purpose — to bring down the wrath and indignation of the Afghans that are growing in part because Americans abuse over Afghan traditions.

The public demands that U.S. troops abroad of decent behavior as unbecoming soldiers carrying other peoples freedom and democracy. Instead, the world is constantly confronted with examples of bestiality soldiers of the American army. You can see that the "double" morality is not limited to American political tops. Going down to the troops and refracted in the minds of each member, it is in a war situation frees worst instincts.

Who seriously believes that U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan convinced of his high mission and full of noble impulses? Who is he, in the end, this "democratizer" in body armor and automatic rifle?

According to the Office of Personnel Management U.S. Army (Army Recruiting Command), reside in the United States 32 million young people between the ages of 17 and 24 years old. However, among these potential soldiers only 4.3 million meet the requirements for new recruits.

Among the 27.7 million people who do not fit the standards of the American army, 4.4 million are people with criminal records, as well as suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction or obesity. Another 2.6 million are other medical conditions that do not allow them to join the armed forces. All the other young Americans (approximately 20 million!) Are not suitable for their level of intellectual development.

As one of the ways to solve the problem of extended practice of bringing in the armed forces of the United States of citizens of other countries. Currently, the U.S. Army had about 40,000 foreigners from more than 100 countries worldwide. With the arrival of the service they are given the right to begin the process of naturalization and citizenship, to which the ordinary course they could count only after 5 years of residence in the United States.

The administration and the U.S. military leadership went even to reduce the requirements for applicants for U.S. citizenship, serving in the armed forces. Indulgences concerned, above all, language requirements: from now on the military to simply "understand English" and not know it, as it was previously set. Moreover, for the zeal and initiative shown during combat missions, foreigners serving in the U.S. Armed Forces are eligible to receive U.S. citizenship, regardless of previously established terms of naturalization. However, this does not boosted morale of the American army.

At today racial-ethnic composition of the U.S. armed forces as follows:

— White Americans — 58.7%;

— Blacks — 26.4%;

— Hispanic — 8.1%;

— Other — 6.8%, including — up to 20,000 Muslims.

It is noted that the level of education and the development of intelligence in African Americans and Hispanics is lower than that of whites, and often their morals directly conflicts with the rules of the American army. Problems picking army, thus remain and to get the necessary number of troops, the Pentagon has to go to further simplify the rules for admission.

In 2005, the Pentagon has lowered the bar for intellectual Army recruits. Washington Profile gives a few questions from the standard test (ASVAB), which was to be held each recruit before the "lightweight rules":

-"How many buses with a capacity of 36 people, you will need to carry 144 passengers?"

-"If X + 6 = 7, then what is X?"

-"If the car is consuming too much oil, what part needs to be replaced?"

-"What material (available to choose from rubber, silver, wood and iron) is the best conductor of electricity?"

Equally challenging questions put to the candidates stuck and cause their increased dropouts. Now it was canceled.

In order to be the bearer of political ideas (for example, the idea of spreading democracy of other nations), a person must have at least a basic level of overall development. That "average" soldier of the American army, which is charged with the execution of such functions is not in a position to understand what is at stake. At best, he is guided by primitive patterns of thought. Talk about what he can to make sacrifices "for the sake of an idea," ridiculous. This mercenaries stupidly earning money on the blood of other people and behave as in all ages behaved mercenaries — ruthlessly and with disdain for human life. They are able to fight, only having a numerical superiority, and cowardly run, being in the minority.

The American film industry for many years creates the false story about the "ordinary Ryan." The reality shows that the American mercenary phenomenally vile and cowardly, and smitten with fear, ready to shoot at anything that moves. That is how the Americans were shot in the 2005 film crew agency Reuters, «too quickly approach" on their car to the checkpoint.

Minister Panetta hypocritical when it talks about these antics "gee ice", as "silly childish." No "light-headed boy" does not raise the front of the lens severed legs of a corpse, no one would ever think to write on bombs and rockets "Happy Easter", as the Americans did at Easter 1999 in Yugoslavia.

This example is largely symbolic. Write on charges of carrying people to a horrible death, "Happy Easter" can only creature with a totally twisted mind. This creature should be subjected to pre-lobotomy. This is a creature that has the appearance of man in the form of a soldier of the American army, prepared to fulfill any orders in the name of savage injustice. Therefore, you should understand very well that bestiality, implanted by American soldiers of other nations, is not only a consequence of their appalling lack of culture. The main reason is that these are soldiers with violence, and they can not be different.

Once upon such distinguished Wehrmacht. Soldiers Hitler also liked to pose against their victims. American democratizers more and more become like Nazi "conquerors of the world."

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