Special forces, not knowing victory


No error in the title of the article is not. Their most expensive, the most pretentious detachment of troops of special purpose in the world, the U.S. 'Delta Force' — 'Delta Force' — is also the most unsuccessful and inglorious.
— Everything went to hell — cursed U.S. President Jimmy Carter and hung up. It can be understood: he had just received a report that sanctioned them special forces operation in the territory of the sovereign foreign country ended in failure. And now he himself threatened to fail in the next presidential election.

It all started November 4, 1979 A group of students of Tehran University, angered by the illegal actions of Washington, won the U.S. embassy in Tehran, taking hostage 53 of its employees. In exchange for the freedom of the hostages students demanded that President Carter issuing a quick return of the Shah of Iran and the Shah looted wealth. When the U.S. government is convinced that the measures diplomatic settlement (ie, threats and blackmail) on Tehran did not have any effect, it was decided to let his fists.

Teach Iranians trusted superelliptic U.S. forces — special units of 'Delta', under the command of Colonel Charles Beckwith, 'tough guy', as if he came down with a Hollywood blockbuster movie perspectives about Rambo. Vietnam veteran 'green beret', hung with medals from the neck to the waist, his hands Beckwith has created and produced the 'Delta' at the peak of his fellow competitors, British Special Forces from 22 Special Air Service Regiment — 22SAS, the legendary squad, has to his credit many brilliant victories.

— Charlie — gently said Brigadier Calvert, commander 22SAS, having been a guest at the 'Delta' — I'm afraid your guys have too much muscle … As if this did not affect the head.
Beckwith chose not to hear the antics of Calvert (well, as the Yankees coolest!), But in vain.

… Operation 'Eagle Claw' began April 24, 1980 8 troop-carrying helicopters CH-53 'Stallion' and the same shock AN-6 launched from the deck of an aircraft carrier 'Forrestal' cruise in the Gulf, and headed for the point of 'desert -1 '- an abandoned airfield in the English half-way to Tehran. Soon they were joined by 8 transport aircraft C-130 'Hercules' to paratroopers and an additional supply of fuel on board the aircraft coming from the airport about. Masirah (Oman). Since the range of the helicopter was not sufficient to 'desert-1' they had to refuel with a 'Herculean' and take on board the commandos. Next helicopters flew to the point 'desert-2' — the old salt mine, 80 km from Tehran. Under the plan the operation, on the night of April 26, when riot police fire support AN-6 had to take by storm the embassy, free the hostages, and with them back to Tehran stadium, where the entire company took a 'stallion'.

— 50 to 50 — if the technology and people will work as it should, — praised the plan to remember the above Brigadier Calvert.
Did not work.
To start a 'Stallion' fell into the water next to the aircraft carrier. The second was lost in the darkness and chose to return. The third sat on the emergency in the desert. T. Fr., Without a single shot group transport helicopters dropped to a dangerous limit: in order to take out all of the hostages and the commandos, Beckwith required a minimum of 4 CH-53, and it is subject to possible loss of anti-aircraft fire. A pad in the meantime continued to pile on one another …

Exploration swore and swore that the 'desert-1' — it really is a desert, that is quite a lonely place. In reality, it turned out that passes near a busy highway! The nerves of 'supermen', seems to have already started to take as deltovtsy not come up with anything clever like shoot a passing fuel truck to block the road. The rising column of flame was visible from a distance of 70 km! If the surrounding Iranian garrisons up to this point and slept the sleep of the righteous, the fire kindled by the Americans just plucked them from the beds. Especially since the tanker driver, still managed to get away on a passing passenger car. Deltovtsy chased him on mopeds, but not caught, fired, but were not included. The reality is less and less like a Hollywood action movie ad …

Meanwhile, at the airport was in full swing. When refueling of helicopters became clear that the hoses too short, and as the trucks at the disposal of the order, of course, was not, helicopters had to taxi up to the tanker aircraft under its own power. In this case, one of the 'stallions' propeller blades slashed its fuel tank on 'Hercules' …

Now the flames could be seen, perhaps even from Tehran! Both cars were burned to the ground along with the crews (8 dead), 4 paratroopers suffered severe burns. For the subtle nervous system of American Rambo this was the straw that broke. Before the eyes of 'the coolest guys in the world' is already getting up picture of dusty armored vehicles to the airfield, but to fight face to face with an armored motorized infantry Iran, which has six years of experience under his belt hardest war deltovtsam well, does not smile — it's not for students to shoot. Skrezhetnuv teeth, Colonel Beckwith ordered that helicopters and reel fishing rods.

No sooner said than done. Jim-jams from the Yankees at this point clearly turned into a real panic, since the lam no one even bothered to burn serviceable helicopters! So they went to the Iranian army — with weapons, equipment and top secret classified documents as operation 'Eagle Claw' — to the delight of the whole world. So, again, President Carter can understand …

Beckwith for this failure to retire early, but the luck of the draw 'Delta' is not added. Again and again, with remarkable consistency pets Beckwith managed to get out their tasks. They were beaten in Asia, Africa and Latin America, in Europe, was not beaten just because there 'Delta' has never been used. After another failure in Grenada U.S. commander, General Norman Schwarzkopf, publicly vowed that more than for any price will not agree to involve 'Delta' in operations directed by him! However, when it came time to invade Iraq, Gen. still prevailed upon to connect the 'Delta' to search for Iraq's ballistic missiles, presumably, with the aim of rehabilitation mnogazhdy goof commandos. Reluctantly agreed to Schwarzkopf — and deltovtsy brilliantly proved him right: the only road to their participation ended in another defeat …

And to this day 'Delta Force' is the world's only special unit of a major power without having to its credit in any way remarkable achievements. The paradox?

At the time, this writer commanded the special forces reconnaissance sea — divers saboteurs, or vaguely, 'frogmen'. In the midst of 'perestroika' in our part of an unofficial goodwill visit our opponents colleagues — American combat swimmers from the group repeatedly touted the U.S. Navy SEALs SEAL, 'seals'. The program of the visit includes holding, so to speak, of the friendly match — competitions in shooting, orienteering and overcome the obstacle. And nothing happened!

Standards for the preparation of the shooting of our guests were so low that compete with them our soldiers, conscripts was just embarrassing: little hurt badly. Our fighter from korotkorylogo Makarov pistol should put a bullet in a bullet from a distance of 25 m, and a pro-Yankee from a long 'Beretta' must simply hit the target (no matter where) with 10 m Rifle So 'duel' had quietly set aside. Our obstacle course, and I would not call it particularly difficult, has caused a genuine horror: how can you! After all, there soldiers being injured, he will have to pay insurance (I'm not kidding. Way they prepare their Rambo). In general, an obstacle course, too, had set aside.

But the funny thing happened on the orientation. Guys come to us with their Priborchik GPS, and under the terms of the contest each squad — and our American — relied only a map and compass. Both detachments were landed from helicopters in advance unknown to them point; they had to, collate and map the terrain, identify your location and perform a march to the meeting point. In our group, such tasks were ubiquitous all on edge entanglement and the case is so simple enough that I trusted in training on the definition of areas of ordinary soldiers — I myself have long tired of this game, is the same as the old book for the tenth time to re-read. So, 'seals' managed to get lost immediately. And instead of moving along the route of our group had to look for these would-be supermen in the coastal taiga them to, God forbid, not bent from hunger or caught the eye of the soldiers of Interior Ministry troops and border guards — and those other people are distinctive, sharp-edged to fight and shoot without re flexion. And rightly so.

When we found the 'lion', the kind they had, to say the least guilty. Program of the visit had to crumple and quickly complete the simplest way — together drinking. When the 'supermen' leave our base, my fighter-signalman summed up:
— Hmmm, and then flies off-slope with them, along with snaryagu!
— When SWAT too much muscle and equipment, — commented the American discomfiture our company commander Captain Zorin — he, unbeknownst to himself, begins to consider itself omnipotent. This is fraught with the loss of sense of reality: a 'bull' is not in a position to properly assess the risks and take adequate solution. For that and be sure to bits. The most important muscle saboteur — it is the mind and the will! And with these guys, it seems, a serious problem …



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