St. Petersburg scientists have prepared for publication Latuhinskuyu the degree of the book — an invaluable historic monument of Russian literature of the XVII century


By publishing a book prepared by academician Nikolai Pokrovsky (Institute of History of the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences), and associate professor of the Faculty of History State University, Doctor of Historical Sciences Alexei sirens. The manuscript is sent to the Russian Foundation for the Humanities in preparation for printing.

Latuhinskuyu the degree of the book describes the abundance of news about the Russian saints, as well as a detailed account of the history of Russia in the second half of the XVI — XVII centuries. Present in it, and a unique, nowhere else but the news, the most famous of which — the story of Basil Shibanov.

"The prince of the royal anger Kurbski fled with him Vaska Shibanov squire" — this line of ballad "Basil Shibanov" by Alexei Tolstoy, which sets out the tragic story of the death of a faithful servant of Prince A.M.Kurbskogo, who agreed to deliver a letter to Ivan the Terrible daring his master and tortured in prison for it. The plot is not poetic fiction: the story Shibanov Alexei Tolstoy learned in the "History of the Russian State" NMKaramzin. Karamzin, in turn, took it out of the Book of Degrees — that he had the honor of opening this important historical source of the late Middle Ages, Russian, and he also introduced the scientific revolution later edition Book of Degrees, the so-called power-law Latuhinskuyu (after the last owner).

However, the very Latuhinskaya The power has not yet been published. Scholars of St. Petersburg State University (University) and the Institute of History of the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences have corrected this error. 200 years after the discovery of this valuable monument finally be published. The power book was written in 1678 on the model of the historical writings of Ivan the Terrible. In the entire history of Russia it is likened to the stairs leading Russian people from the darkness of paganism to God. Stages of the ladder are the rulers of Russia from Rurik dynasty, from Rus Prince Vladimir baptized before his knee in the seventeenth child of Ivan the Terrible. That is why the Book of Degrees is divided into 17 degrees, ie steps.

Book of Degrees gained great popularity in the XVII century. (Currently 145 listings found the book). Repeatedly the text intended to continue to the present. But it was not easy, as the ruling dynasty of Rurik was cut short at the end of the XVI century., Namely, the well-being of its Book of Degrees linked prosperity of Russia. Only in 1678 Tikhon Macarius, an outstanding thinker of his time, has created a new level of the book. He divided the history of Russia in two periods — dotsarsky (up to Vasily III), and the king (the first Tsar Ivan the Terrible to modern Tikhon of Tsar Fyodor Alexeyevich). In presenting dotsarskogo period Tikhon The power structure has used the book, and the next period divided the kingdom, thus combining the Rurik dynasty, Godunov and Romanov.

Source: Press Service of the St. Petersburg State University

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