Strong storms in the Balkans took several lives

Strong storms in the Balkans took several lives Weather and Climate

Cold snap and unexpectedly strong storm in the Balkans has led to the fact that on the roads of the region into chaos. Due to poor visibility and heavy snow closed the airport in Zagreb, Croatian, some national roads in Croatia and Serbia have ceased to function. Public transport in some cities just could not keep going.

On the main highway Serbia, leading from Belgrade to the Hungarian border, drivers had to stand for hours in a traffic jam, caused by the snow storm. Only after road services could remove snow, who had by then reach 50 cm, cars were able to move.
During snowfall, accompanied by a decrease in temperature to -5 ° C, and the gusts of wind of up to -15 ° C, the Balkans, killing at least 9 people. Four of them were citizens of Croatia, the two were living in Serbia. Later deaths were recorded in the Czech Republic.

Strong storms swept the neighboring Slovenia and Bosnia. The western part of Bulgaria is gradually sweeps up, but there has not been any negative effects of snowfall. However, for security in the country was declared an "orange" code of danger. In the south mountainous Bulgaria fell about 50 cm of snow. For safety for trucks temporarily closed the border crossings between Bulgaria and Serbia.

Several remote villages in Montenegro due to strong wind during a snowstorm without electricity. While people were in terrible conditions, as the temperature outside dropped to -12 ° C. Due to bad weather the roads are closed in the capital, Podgorica. Montenegrin citizens advised not to travel by private motor vehicle unnecessarily.

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