Superbright LEDs Optogan X10 — «Product of the Year

Superbright LEDs Optogan X10 — a unique patented design of "OptoGaN" — awarded the title of "Product of the Year" by the German trade magazine for electronics Elektronik.

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  • LED super bright LED spotlight on

Presentation The 15th annual award "Product of the Year" according to the German edition Elektronik passed March 14, 2013 in Munich, Germany. Each year the winners of the award is determined readers Elektronik — leading experts in the field of electronics. The editorial board determines the 111 most innovative and advanced products and present them to readers of the publication who choose the winners.


Optogan X10 is a joint development of "OptoGaN" and innovation center "Skolkovo" and has no analogues in the world. The unique technology of Optogan X10 allows you to create LED Modules, the size and power of which are adapted to the specific requirements of the customer and have a high efficiency and density of luminous flux.

X10 super-bright LEDs, developed by "OptoGaN" the only Russian manufacturer that has a complete production cycle of LEDs and LED technology, entered the top three winners of the award "Product of the Year", taking third place. Prize was also awarded the company a flexible display Plastic Logic and green semiconductor laser Osram, received the prize for first and second place respectively.

"The recognition of the international professional community — a sure sign that we keep pace with the global development of the industry, keeping up with other companies — manufacturers of LEDs, — the Vladislav Bougrov,
Executive Vice-President of "OptoGaN." — Award received from the serious specialized publications as Elektronik, is very valuable to us and once again confirms that the development towards the full integration of the elements of the lighting system, one of the stages in which the module is Optogan X10, — this is one of the most sought-after destinations technological development of the global LED industry. "

The award "Product of the Year" by the magazine Electronik — not the first award, which honors Optogan X10 in Europe. In February 2013 LED Series X10, submitted Atlantik Electornik, one of the distributors of "OptoGaN" in Europe, are the product of the month according to the German magazine Elektronik Industrie.

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