Supplies of Almaty was will begin after a delay of two years

Supplies of "Almaty was" start with a delay of two years

Bulk supply of new troops in the main battle tanks on the basis of a universal platform heaviest armor "Armata" will begin in 2017. This was written in his own tweet Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. Previously management "Uralvagonzavod", elaborating new tank, stated that brand new car will be performed serially and delivered to the troops in 2015.

"Army of the Russian Federation in 2017 will tank Stealth technology. April 21 visit UralVagonZavod and tank testing ground. Beware!) "- Wrote Rogozin, giving the option to delete a reference to his interview with Life News. According to the vice-premier, brand new combat vehicle will be created with the use of stealth technology in the radar, infrared and visible light. Namely, this will be used specially developed geometrical shapes and coatings.

The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation approved project the heavy armored platforms "Armata"At the end of March 2012. According to the chief of the Head Armored Directorate of the Ministry of Defence Maj. Gen. Alexander Shevchenko, brand new machine meets all the requirements of the military department at the technical design. "In three years we'll see the product in the metal," — said Shevchenko.

Earlier, sources in the "Uralvagonzavod" stated that the company wants to make the first model of the tank on a platform of "Armata" in 2013, and the creation of serial machine and its delivery to the troops begin in 2015. It clarifies the RIA Previews, 2020 Russian armed forces have get 2.3 thousand new tanks.

Details of the project so far unidentified. Presumably, in the autoloader tank made for the project "Armata" will be 32 shells for different purposes. In the development of the tank will be applied production acquired in the implementation of other projects, including the "Object 195" and "Dark Eagle". At the end of March this year, the newspaper "Izvestia" reported that the tank will get a gun with a digital remote control communication channels which will be protected from interception and oppression.

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