Svarog West Group will implement precision farming technology

In 2012, the corporation "Svarog West Group" to implement precision farming technology for 30 thousand hectares of agricultural land. The total value of the investment in the purchase of necessary equipment, integrated software for creation of electronic maps (soils, crops, fertilizer, crop yields), a laboratory for processing soil samples, etc. — About 11 million grn.Po to head of precision farming corporation "Svarog West Group" Maxim Mayarchuka, even on fairly conservative estimates, the use of precision agriculture technology will save on the amount of mineral fertilizers by 5-10% and increase crop yields more than 5%.

The basis of the scientific concept of precision agriculture is the notion of the existence of irregularities within the same field. For the evaluation and detection of irregularities using technologies such as global positioning systems (GPS, GLONASS), the analysis of soil samples, as well as special programs for Agromanagement-based geographic information systems.

The collected data is used to accurately estimate the optimum sowing density, calculate application rates and crop protection (NWR), a more accurate prediction of yield and financial planning. This concept is sure to take into account local peculiarities of soil and climate conditions.

"The use of precision agriculture technology provides significant competitive advantage, because it saves resources and increase productivity … Introducing the optimum amount of fertilizers, on the one hand, we save resources, and on the other, due to the actual yield of the overall alignment in the field raise productivity. In addition, we have substantial savings on mineral fertilizers by avoiding overlaps the fertilizer and optimal incorporation at each site, "- Maxim commented Mayarchuk.

Specifically for the project for the introduction of technologies of precision agriculture "Svarog West Group" purchases a tractor of German company «Deutz-Fahr» and spreaders of the Polish company «Unia Group». Is additionally equipped with a GPS-receiver and a system of differentiated fertilizer sprayers "Fog", which will change the dosage of certain fertilizers in real time.
Among the first works to implement precision farming corporation "Svarog West Group" will start with the beginning of the harvest in late July and early August of this year. According to Maxim Mayarchuka, future plans "Svarog West Group" to expand the use of precision agriculture technology on all agricultural land under the management of the company.

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