SVEL equipped a unique facility energy efficient equipment


On the innovative CHP in Astrakhan sent 5 power transformers.

SVEL Group, a key partner on energy efficiency, delivered 5 power transformers: TDC-63 000/220 (1 unit) and TMNS — 10 000/35 (4 units) with a new 235 MW CCGT, which included two steam settings — for 120 and 115 MW.

As reported by "Uralinformbjuro" the press service of the Group SVEL, facility built by JSC "LUKOIL" in the boiler room in the city of Astrakhan. The unit is designed to provide electricity to a new district of the city — Babaev. 

Compared with the existing thermal power plants CCP allows a 1.5 fold reduce fuel consumption, as well as 2? 3 times to reduce the level of harmful emissions.

Efficiency of combined-cycle plants that are included in the new energy complex, more than 51%.

JSC "Group" SVEL "(SverdlovElektro) — a key partner on energy efficiency and one of the leading Russian manufacturers of electrical equipment. Group incorporates SVEL — RosEnergoTrans, SVEL — Power Transformers, Lower-Iset Plant of Metal, SVEL — Switchgear and SVEL — Instrument transformers. SVEL Group designs and manufactures dry, oil-immersed transformers and reactor equipment, switchgear, transformer substation, KTPBM, modular package, instrument transformers.

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