Sverdlovsk region: Karpinsk opened a new FLC and passed the house for large families and orphans

Just two big events took Karpinsk March 6. First of young athletes adopted a new fitness center. And thirty families received keys to new apartments in which they can enter today.

Sports School Karpinsk in sports such as hockey, football and boxing, is known in sporting circles, not only of the Sverdlovsk region, but also Russia. Pupils Karpinski Club "Sputnik" win international tournaments for children and continuing the glorious tradition as an adult, go to the sport, defend the honor of Russia in international competitions. After the start of a new sports and recreation center sports brands Karpinsk can become a mini-football, volleyball, basketball, as now appeared in a modern framework for the development of these species.

The cost of building FOCA Karpinsk was 114.2 million rubles and 12 million rubles — equipment of the complex. The funds were invested in the co-financing of 50 to 50 percent of the Sverdlovsk region and "Gazprom transpgaz Ugorsk." The capacity of the complex — up to 200 people a day, it is about 6,000 people per month. Today, the city is engaged in a variety of sports over a thousand children. FOC — this is the basis for the development of children's views and to practice as a family, karpintsev for all ages.

"The construction of this important north of Sverdlovsk area sports facility evolved not easy. From 2009 to 2011 did not dare to financial matters. During the year the facility was built, but did not have enough funds to equip. The joint efforts of the Government and "Gazprom Transgaz Ugorsk" did everything to residents Karpinsk could deal with both amateur and professional sports, "- said the Chairman of the Government of the Sverdlovsk region Denis Pasler.

The Mayor of Sergei Bidonko showed Prime Minister main base training club "Sputnik" — a sports complex. It was built by the "national building" back in 1968, and today is in need of renovation. For co-financing has already invested 30 million rubles, the regional government and the city administration. In 2013, "Satellite" will get a new artificial turf field, as highlighted by the Government. However, it should RUR 90 million for the reconstruction of the building of the complex, swimming pool and construction of stands. Denis Pasler said that together with the general director of "Gazprom Transgaz Ugorsk" Peter Sozonova discuss the possibility of co-financing.

The second significant event for the residents of Karpinsk — is the completion of construction of the house on the thirty apartments for large families and orphans. In March 2012, twenty eight orphans received new housing. A year later, March 6, 2013, another fifteen, so all graduates of children's homes Karpinsk today have their homes. The house was built at once in such a way that it could get an apartment and large families. Just handed the keys of 14 large families.

"Providing housing for disadvantaged categories of citizens — is for the Government of priority. To all graduates of children's homes could get your home, we tripled its funding from the regional budget in 2013 from 387 million to one billion rubles. In Karpiske no more queues, all orphans now have their angle can build their family. This is very true. Here is a good mayor, who does not think only of today, but also for the future. Today we handed the keys to fourteen large families, fourteen more families moved into their apartment in 2014. And thirty-five families they ready design house, he passed state examination and will be built in 2014. So the heads of such municipalities pleased to help. And on such examples should be guided by another, "- said Prime Minister Denis Pasler.

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