Svetlogorsk — cold Baltika warmer Southern Seas

Svetlogorsk — a small town in Kaliningrad on the Baltic Sea, which in 2012 was attended by about 500 thousand tourists, of which about 50 million — were foreigners. Cold Baltic Sea and the beaches are quite small — its natural "cons" Svetlahorsk draws in the "pros". 

The coolness of the Baltic forced exercise fiction in attracting tourists to the town of Kaliningrad, and keep it clean at the neighboring Northwest Territories. A variety of hotels, motels and guest houses — a continuous flight of fantasy owners. Great nature, clean air and friendly locals.

People in Svetlahorsk — particularly attracted to the Russians. Among the reviews on vacation in Svetlahorsk very frequent positive emotions is to communicate with the locals. "Peace of mind, kindness, dignity" — apparently this is not enough to roll up in the metropolitan bustle of Muscovites, it is in this sense the proximity of the St. Petersburg group. In general Svetlahorsk — a city where, indeed, it is worth visiting. However, as a rule, people do not try to come back here again.

Svetlogorsk — a little wind outside, but very dear.

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