Switzerland has gone two avalanche

Switzerland has gone two avalanches Natural Disasters

In the Swiss canton of Obwalden near Titlis ski resort after avalanche injured 11 skiers. Two tourists from Sweden were injured, he met with an avalanche, and were taken by helicopter to a hospital for medical treatment. Despite the fact that the whole group remained alive, police and sniffer dogs continued to comb the area in time to save accidentally caught in the area of the avalanche of people.

Layer of snow was moving and rushed down in Lyaub closer to the dinner and took 300 m wide and 800 m long. Group of skiers was strewn with not too deep, as 10 out of 11 people were able to get out of the dam. Despite the warning of the Institute for Snow and Avalanche on the increased likelihood of an avalanche, the tourists still decided to make the descent from the mountain slopes.
Around the same time in another resort in Mole de Ming, canton Valais, in time for the next avalanche altitude 2600 meters hit British skier. With the diagnosis of hypothermia, he left the hospital. This avalanche was 600 m long and 200 m wide. Experts believe that the intensification of the process of avalanches due to heavy snowfall in the Alps.

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