System cannibalism for Next Generation

At drink Pepsi Next as input to the flavor enhancers are used cells from aborted human remains from the company Senomiks (Senomyx). The Commission on Security and Exchange (BWC) on February 28, the Obama administration has taken a decision that the use of aborted human remains attributed to the "ordinary business operations."

The letter, signed by a representative of the Office of the High Council of the CCD Brian Pitco was sent in response to a 36-page document submitted by lawyers Pepsi Co. in January 2012. In this document, PepsiCo asked to reject the CCD resolution of the Shareholders in October 2011, alleging that the company "takes the corporate policy of recognizing human rights and ethical standards should be, according to which the use of aborted human remains can not be assumed private agreements or joint research" .

PepsiCo attorney George A. Shireen noted that the resolution should be deleted, since it deals with the issues "related to ordinary business operations of the company", and "some of the tasks are so fundamental to the company on a daily basis, they do not may be subject to supervision by the shareholders. "

Thus, when it came to making money on the use of the remains of aborted babies, the corporation rebelled against their shareholders, and the government covered the corporation, stating that it is "the most common operations."

On the nature of the use of embryo cells, "Gwen Rosenberg, vice-president of" Senomiks ", describes the process as" a kind of automatic detection system of taste. " The company has developed more than 800,000 tastes. The protein which is used as the cell line HEK-293, obtained on the basis of embryonic kidney in Leiden, The Netherlands. "

The New World Order does not only require us to feed the unborn child, the course is everything. Abortive materials used in the production of expensive vaccines and expensive cosmetics.

There are at least 14 types of vaccines which are produced by using human embryos obtained from abortions. All these vaccines are produced by large corporations pharmaceutical (including presented in Russia GlaxoSmithKline, Merck & Co et al).

Corporations support a special medical journal — "The fetus as a donor for transplantation: scientific, social and ethical perspectives", created by Peter McCullough, an immunologist at the University of Western Australia. It describes some of the techniques previously used to obtain embryonic brain tissue. For example, in Sweden, they pierce the placenta of pregnant women in the period from 14 to 16 weeks, then secured the clamp on the child's head, pulled his head into the cervix, drilled holes in the child's head, and then, using a special machine, sucking the brain cells. Were used healthy human fetuses aged from 7 to 21 weeks, obtained in the course of legal abortions. Liver and kidney embryo quickly removed and weighed. Abortions are 16, 16 and 21 weeks are called prostaglandin. In the uterus of a special substance is injected, and the baby is born prematurely. In 50% of cases the child is born alive, but that does not stop anyone! They reveal a midsection child without anesthesia to extract livers and kidneys.

Abortmasterov market for the last 30 years in the U.S. alone amounted to more than $ 6 billion, net income of physicians that they receive from the sale of organs.

In the fall of 1996 in the British medical journal appeared treatise, that combines more than 23 studies of the relationship of abortion to the risk of breast cancer. In otvetAmerikanskaya Medical Association (American Medical Association — AMA), American Cancer Society (American Cancer Society — ACS) and the speakers for permission to abortion and birth control advocates and lawyers united in an alliance to discredit the conclusions of the study's authors, as well as to prevent the spread of information .

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