Tested the system alerts the Indian Ocean tsunami

Tested the system alerts the tsunami in the Indian Ocean to save the planet

On Wednesday, October 12 with the support of the United Nations 20 countries in the Indian Ocean tsunami warning system tested. The need for its creation came after December 24, 2004 tsunami, which killed about 230,000 people.

Teachings are practiced in India and Malaysia. At 05.08 am local time was simulated earthquake in 2004 the force 9.2 on the coast of Sumatra, caused a large tsunami. Warnings about the threat passed by phone, email, fax, SMS. Heads of scientists report that the data processing and evaluation to a few weeks.

To date, alarm systems installed in 28 countries. These include sensors for determining the tsunami threat, and the communication infrastructure through which the immediate notification of the danger. This makes it possible to provide timely evacuation of coastal areas. However, with the help of regional tsunami warning systems can not be argued to cause a tsunami underwater tremor or not.

Photo: AP

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