The Anglo-Saxons are being upgraded to transgender people.

Leaders of the United Kingdom is fighting for the creation of a "gender-neutral environment" in educational institutions.

Standards Board of Education held a UK study dozens of schools and kindergartens on the subject of how the management of these educational institutions refers to the appearance of transgender inclinations of the students.

Representatives of the British educational regulator visited 37 kindergartens and 19 schools, talked to 1,357 students and pupils of educational institutions. Officials interviewed the children, who at the time of the study was from 4 to 7 years. The study found that the management of a school encourages the children's behavior, "which goes beyond gender stereotypes," including — permits some boys wear girls' clothes and braid their hair in a ponytail is not girly style. Also, the study of the Committee on Standards of Education showed that about one third of all the families of the children surveyed "same-sex relationships have become the norm."

In this regard, the British officials say benefit from education lessons, where children learn that if they were born through artificial insemination, that they have "no father" but only if "two mothers."

In general, the results of their research work, the Committee on Standards of Education recommended that the British schools and kindergartens attentive to the creation of a "gender-neutral environment" and the education of the children of "tolerance for children with transgender inclinations," writes The Telegraph.

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