The Apotheosis of American propaganda (Red Dawn)

The moment of the film Red Dawn (Red Dawn), in which the Soviet colonel says his best in life speech.

Sit down, comrades.
The point that I despise all this upvainiya ipokriziya. About lisanizm hear that we pobedaem. As we cast sectarianism part of Budva is growing larger.
Comrades — is a fraud. And the smell of death and deception porazheniem!
War you pobedaete only istreblyayat enemies. And you know what we bemsya? We bemsya for zaldamiri! This is a small, very wild animals. And to them we need a hunter. And, you know?
I ohotnik!
Now, from this moment. No more repressary against civilian populations. It was smeshnost! .. It was .. shlabost!
Comrades. If a fox stole your chicken. Or you kill your pig, because she saw your fox, no! You need gonit fox! Find de she lives, and destroy the NL!
Well .. Well, how can you do it? Be a fox.

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