The arrests of students in the U.S.

Each year the difference between American prisons and American schools is becoming less and less. When you read the rest of this article, you will be absolutely amazed by the idiotic occasions on which is currently being arrested students in America. When I was growing up, I do not remember that at least one police officer came to my school.

Discipline has always supported teachers and the principal. But today all over the country, there are schools that are constantly on duty police officers. Many other schools police call if necessary. In the schools of America you have a chance of being arrested by the police and dragged out of your school in handcuffs, if you have started burping in class, if you sprayed perfume yourself, or if you draw a doodle on your desk.

Unfortunately, we live in a country where paranoia has become standard operating procedure. The American people are convinced that the only way to guarantee our "security" for the country — is a militarized totalitarian police state. Thus, our public schools function like prisons, and our public school students — akin to a prisoner.

The United States has the highest level of lack of freedom in the world today, and our schools are preparing the next generation or to a term of confinement in the prison system, or to the life of the child of an exemplary servant of the reservation of Big Brother, built all around us. But the fact that our schools do not — they do not give children the skills of critical thinking, knowing that they need to live as free citizens in a country that was once the "land of the free and home of the brave."

Of course, few would deny that the nature of American students has changed dramatically over the decades. Back in the 1950s, one of the biggest problems of school discipline was chewing gum and hair-pulling. Today, the children bring to school with knives, guns and drugs. Banditry flourishes in many of our schools, and some schools even children are having sex at school shower rooms.

So far, the issue of discipline in our schools there.

But what is happening in many parts of the country — it's absolutely ridiculous. For example, in 2010 the police in Texas issued a circulation of three hundred thousand striking leaflets for pupils.

Yes, if the child is attacking others with a knife, the police should intervene, but teachers and administrators should be able to use common sense and decide most of the current problems with discipline.

What you will read below, will impress you deeply. The following are 19 really crazy reasons for which students have been arrested in America.

Number 1. In one of the public schools of Texas 12-year-old girl named Sarah Bastamantes was recently arrested for spraying perfume itself.

Number 2. 13-year-old student of the school in Albuquerque, New Mexico, was recently arrested by the police for burping in class.

Number three. Another student, also in Albuquerque, was forced to strip to their underwear under the supervision of five adults, because he found in his pocket $ 200. The disciple has never been convicted of anything bad.

Number 4. A security guard at a school in California broke his hand 16-year-old girl because she shook off the crumbs on the floor of the cake, which she ate.

Number 5. Two teenagers in Houston milk poured over each other during an argument. Rather than deal in place, who is the instigator, they were arrested and sent to court.

Number 6. In early 2010, the 12-year-old girl at a school in Forest Hills, New York was arrested by police and was taken out of school in handcuffs because she wrote on the table. "I love my friends Abby and Faith" — this is the phrase that was written on her desk.

Number 7. 6-year-old girl in Florida was handcuffed and sent to a mental institution because of the tantrums that she made in elementary school.

Number 8. One of the students in Texas was arrested by the police for the fact that he ran the paper airplanes in class.

Number 9. 17-year-old schoolgirl-A student in North Carolina named Ashley Smituik accidentally took her father's lunch to school. It was a small paring knife, which his father used for slicing apples. So what's wrong with this outstanding student, when the school found out about it? She was expelled from school before the end of the school year, and the police brought it to the prosecution of an offense.

Number 10. In Allentown, Pa., 14-year-old girl suffered from a security officer school Taser discharge to the groin, although she held her hands up to surrender.

Number 11. In Florida, 11-year-old student was arrested and thrown into prison for a crime of the third degree that the school has brought in a plastic butter knife.

Number 12. Back in 2009, an 8-year-old boy in Massachusetts was sent home from school and was forced to undergo psychological evaluation because he drew Jesus on the cross.

Number 13. Police in San Mateo, California, sprayed in the face 7-year-old pupil special school pepper spray because he continued to climb up on the furniture.

Number 14. In today's America, police brutality are even a 5-year-olds. Here is an excerpt from a recent article that describes what happened to one very young student in Stockton, California, some time ago: "In the beginning of this year, a graduate of Stockton was handcuffed, linking hands and feet, forced to go to the hospital for a psychiatric examination, and was chained to a radiator police. A child at that time was 5 years old. "

Number 15. In one school in the state of Connecticut 17-year-old boy was thrown to the floor and received five Taser discharges for the fact that he was screaming in the dining room for employees.

Number 16. A teenager in suburban Dallas was having to work part-time after having been fined for using foul language in a high school class. At first fine was $ 340, but then it was raised to the sum of 637 dollars.

Number 17. A few months ago, the police called when a little girl kissed a boy in the school gymnasium in an elementary school in Florida.

Number 18. 6-year-old boy was recently accused of sexual harassment for some "inappropriate touching" during a game at one of the elementary schools in the district of San Francisco.

Number 19. In Massachusetts, police recently been directed to the 5-year-old girl then, she has returned to the library overdue books.

Unfortunately, what is happening in our school is a reflection of the processes taking place in society as a whole. Our schools have become prisons, because our society is being turned into a giant prison.

Our society is rapidly heading into the cloaca, and the children of this nation does not have a bright future, which would be worth looking forward to.

If the police really want to find the criminals, it must first identify patients in the ranks of the people responsible for training classes.

It seems that the coming emergence of daily news about some of the public school teachers participating in a particularly perverse stories.

For example, we learn that the police in Los Angeles have recently discovered that hidden under the guise of a "teacher":

A former elementary school teacher in Los Angeles, was arrested for harassment of nearly two dozen students, he was accused of molesting a child and laying on some of them live cockroaches. Authorities say the crimes were committed on campus.

Perverts, get up on things like children, should be punished very severely.

American schools are changing, and not for the better.

Personally, I have spent in public schools all my life, but I would not recommend anyone to send their children to public schools today — too much idiocy going on there.

Our children in these schools are learning less than ever. As I wrote earlier, many of them come out of the education system, as dumb as a fish, and dumb as a stump. Instead of teaching our children to think critically and to explore all sides of an issue, these schools educate our children by vdalblivanie in their particular social and political consciousness of the matrix.

There are several public schools, which is good, but the vast majority of them are disgusting. They do not produce the leaders of tomorrow, and they do not give the younger generation the tools they need to survive in a complex world.

So is there any hope to change the direction of our education system?


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