The attempt of creation Khazar republic in Russian Russian Federation

At one time among the "patriots" was popular perception that the Revolution of 1917 is guilty of "world Jewry", because it was even called "the Jewish revolution." But this is just another historical myth — Russian Jewry was only only one of the revolutionary groups, in the midst of these revolutionary groups were the most that neither is in the middle Russian Russian — Believers who hated Romanov and "their Russian." Well, "international conspiracy" to take the most important role in the collapse of the Russian Empire, it is hard to call a "Jewish" or "Jewish." It is international in composition, that's why in Russia "fifth column" called cosmopolitans "rootless". So, Morgan, Colonel House, Wilson, like many of today's U.S. policy, controlled the fate of the world — untainted Anglo-Saxons.

Well, these representatives of the Jewish banking clan, as Kahn Warburg, Milner, Baruch, etc., have long since moved away from traditional Judaism. Many Jews converted to Christianity revolutionaries of different directions or were atheists. Thus, Trotsky allowed children to take Lutheranism.
An attempt to create a "republic of the Khazar" in Soviet Russia
Simply "Jewish question "was good" battering ram "for the attacks on the empire. With it you can just keep the information war — the fabulous "harassment" of the Jews in Russia. Although the Jews were many Russian industrialists, financial and public figures. If you examine this question in detail, it should be noted that all charges in the Russian Empire "antisemitism" was "sucked from the finger." In addition, the "world behind the scenes of" Russian Jewry is used as the shock troops of its own, as well as other national intelligentsia — Russian, Estonian, Latvian, Finnish, etc.

They are encouraged, isolated in a "special group", so in 1918 under the "wing" Sverdlov formed a "Jewish section of the RCP (B.)," she even publish their newspaper in Yiddish. In July 1918 a decree from afar the terrible punishment for anti-Semitism, but flourished just russophobia.

The idea of state of the country of the Jews

XX century was the first two projects of the country of the Jews: the first planned it to make a "historic homeland", according to the second, one of the most angry supporters who had Kiev millionaire Lazar Brodsky, a Jewish government was to be done where there is already many Jews live, where they are well settled — in the south of, and not chase the plans generated by the idealists.

After World War II, received support both plans, so in London decided that you want to support the Zionists, was published so-called. "Balfour Declaration" to support the creation of a "national home for the Jewish people in Palestine." Ran across Palestine under British mandate, and London announced the creation of "national home". This initiative was supported by many members of the "financial International", for example: Felix Warburg. He assisted in the development of Jewish settlements, Palestinian economic companies, the Jerusalem Institute. Supported the initiative and Otto Warburg, Rothschild. But, despite the strong financial and informational support to the Jews somehow did not seek to throw one location and go to the desert to create a "national home". In addition, there were the first clash with the Arabs, which enhanced the desire not to travel to distant lands.

Once, in 1923, began to make creation "National home" in the USSR. Moreover, the initiative came from the United States — from the public organization "Joint Distribution Committee", its chairman was the same Felix Warburg, which helped in Palestine. He held talks with the Russian government on the development of Jewish colonies on the Crimean peninsula. First talked about a few acres of the former "bourgeois" who need to re-educate "workers." But then expanded the project, it was engaged in the development of one of the founders of the policy of "war communism" Larin-Lurie. He put forward project the creation of a Crimea state autonomy Jews to settle there 280 thousand people. In November 1923, "Sverdlovets" A. Bragin put forward even more excellent project — a Jewish autonomy was about to enter not only the Crimea, and the steppes of Ukraine, Azov, Kuban, the Black Sea coast right up to Abkhazia. In fact, the project "Khazar-2". The plan was supported by Trotsky, Kamenev, Bukharin, Tsyurupa, etc. In the end, the project of "autonomy" in the Crimea supported in February 1924, most of the members of the Politburo, and August 29, 1924 he saw the Presidium of the USSR Central.

An attempt to create a "republic of the Khazar" in Soviet Russia

Felix Warburg.

It was reported notable numbers: the total 300 thousand Jews union members, that is, the workers and employees (and their families about 850 thousand), another 130 thousand farmers, and 1 million 750 thousand small traders, artisans, Service workers, etc. Because concluded that the structure of the Jews was not ready for the Russian regime and if you do not make critical measures to transfer it to productive work, then the Jews condemned to 'extinction and degeneracy. " Where did you get this danger — it is not clear. But in the end decided to begin the resettlement of Jews in the Crimea from the western towns. To do this two controls: KOMZET (the "Committee on the earthen device Jewish workers"), led by Smidovich and OZET ("Public Committee on the earthen device Jewish workers") headed by Larin. Curiously, the main "sponsor" of the project, have become Americans — overseas plan received the title of "Agro-Joint." Felix Warburg concluded several agreements on the development of Jewish colonies, supported the project Paul Warburg, Rockefeller Foundation, various charitable organizations. Once in the United States passed a law Reed Johnson was restricted to the immigration of Jews from Russia to the United States. U.S. to Russian Jews were more presentable than the sands of Palestine or even the Crimea, ravaged by war civilian clothes. Jews blocked the main direction of their movement.

Another fascinating fact — that the law has not caused the shaft of criticism in the press, the U.S. accused of "anti-Semitism". Also, the media hardly touched upon the subject of persecution of the Jewish rabbis in Russian of, in the course of the anti-religious campaign. Yet it should be noted that the Crimea could advance "prepared" for a "Khazar-2" (unofficially called the project "Khazar Republic"). So, after the defeat of Wrangel in the Crimea was specifically arranged strshnaya massacre, which is difficult to find an equal, even during the most severe plainclothes war. In winter 1920-1921, in Crimea organized famine, food requisition taken and barriers on the isthmus blocked the supply of food, another wave
of hunger was in the Crimea in 1921-1922. It was the "cleansing" of the population, that the Jews were the predominant ethnic group in the Crimea. Larin announced that the Crimea to resettle 500-600 thousand Jews.

Was this project a boon for the Russian Jews? It's unlikely. Judaism has long roots started up in Belarus, the Ukraine, has been able, with the fall of "the Pale", move to Petrograd, Moscow and other large cities. And here they were torn from their homes and taken to start anew, with unknown prospects. Plus the resistance already present in the Crimea "autonomy" — Mongolian, which was "tainted ideas of nationalism and pan-Turkic, Mongolian autonomy of management complained to Moscow, but she always perceived direction of" Khazar Republic. " In the end, when the chairman of the Central Election Commission of the Crimean Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic of Great Ibragimov arrived in Moscow, he was arrested by the OGPU, accusing him of "hiding bandits." Then the "smoothed" and his entourage. Opponents of the Jewish "autonomy" — 132 people were killed on charges of "nationalist sentiment" and "counter-revolutionary conspiracy."

Thanks to a massive clot of foreign investment, the real problems of the project was not as political, backers of the project were sitting at the highest positions of the USSR. But the project was ruined themselves ordinary Jews, they did not need the "Khazar republic" and transported the Jews did not want to farm, many soon left for their homes. They ran through the town, there were engaged in normal activities: traded, opened tailors, watch shops, etc. So, on January 1, 1930 in the Crimea were 49,100 Jews in the village remained only 10,140, and of those trying to become accountants, teachers , traders, rural shops, accountants, etc., without becoming farmers. In the end, the project of the "Soviet of the Khazars" has fallen.

An attempt to create a "republic of the Khazar" in Soviet Russia

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