The Australian state of Queensland on fire

The Australian state of Queensland on fire Natural Disasters

In the north-eastern state of Australia recorded 73 separate source of fire. The strength of the ensuing fire so large that are threatened nearby communities. People living in the area near the lake and Holiforda Broadwater already evacuated away tons of fire. Are on the verge of evacuation and other western areas of Queensland.

The fire continues to burn, despite the decrease of temperature. Contribute to its spread, dry weather and the wind, the speed of which is in the range of 35-40 km / h Forecasts for dates for fire fighting disappointing, but firefighters continued their work by connecting air extinguishing agents over the area south-west of Dalby.
In Holiforde declared anxiety, and 10 homes may soon be evacuated due to the expansion of the line of fire containment. The main purpose of fire is to prevent the spread of fire to the local freeway, because then the approaches to the city will be completely covered and rescue operation will be delayed.

All residents encouraged to follow the announcements on the radio and on the Internet, in time to react in case of danger. Monitoring the situation where lesions have appeared recently, produces local squad volunteers.
Besides Holiforda fire threatened areas south of Brisbane and Ipswich. Upstate situation easier with the recent rains.

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