The bankrupt millionaire Wall Street committed suicide in court

In the United States condemned the collector and banker Michael Marin took his own life after the verdict of 16 years in prison.

June 28 at the Arizona 53-year-old convicted millionaire Michael Marin committed suicide from the record.

Exactly one minute after the Supreme Court of Arizona sentenced him to 16 years in prison, Marin closed his eyes and gently pulled out a pre-prepared medicines, folded his hands in the face and traded with them.

In front of dozens of people a millionaire began to convulse, and then fell to the floor. Immediately after the tragedy of those present in the courtroom called an ambulance.

However, paramedics arrived were unable to save 53-year-old banker. On the way to the hospital doctors pronounced him dead convict.

— Initially, we just could not understand what was happening — confessed cop Jeff Sprong, who witnessed the tragedy. — Only through the CCTV footage installed in the hall, we were able to see that Marin has a huge dose of medication. We're still in shock. He is a very famous man!

As it turned out, in July 2009, a man took a mortgage to build a luxurious mansion valued at $ 3.5 million an area of 7,000 square meters, but after a few years, he has not fulfilled the terms of the signed contract. And then decided to resort to a desperate step: Marin arson arranged on the second floor of an expensive house to get the amount of money provided by insurance.

However, the deception was discovered, and in May 2012 the millionaire art-collecting, went on trial.

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