The biggest mystery of Chelyabinsk meteorite — why it exploded — Academician of Russian Academy of Sciences


The biggest mystery of Chelyabinsk meteorite is a blast of cosmic body. This is today ITAR-TASS news agency said Academician, member of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a member of the Presidential Council for Science and Education, director general of the All-Russian Institute of Aviation Materials / Aviation Materials / Eugene Kablov.


According to him, the uniqueness of the phenomenon lies in the fact that there was a powerful explosion and it is at such a height. "It's hard to explain. So far as I know, the celestial bodies such as the composition did not explode — said the scientist. — For science, this is an extremely important event and we residue samples of the meteorite would be of interest in terms of research uncharacteristic for our planet materials of which consisted object moving with such tremendous speed. And, most importantly, how can this knowledge to work for our aerospace industry. "

Kablov complained that the institution in question takes no part, does not investigate any lumps, although the possibilities for this is huge. "Aviation Materials has developed about 96 percent of all materials used in the aerospace industry of the USSR, a little less now in Russia — said the academician. — I do not think that the samples do not have to come down on someone's thoughtlessness." According to him, created a research program, approved by the relevant authorities and science. "For the development of the aerospace industry, these samples would be very important," — he stressed.

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