The capital of China is growing at an unprecedented pace underground city



Hundreds of thousands of citizens who come to Beijing in search of work, can not afford another apartment, except for a tiny room in the basement, with no heating and ventilation.




Wang Zhang lucky came from a village in China's capital city and immediately found work as a realtor. Every day from morning until late at night it shows the demand clients spacious apartments in new buildings. It seems on the large windows and the layout of the room can talk endlessly. And after working realtor Wang Zhang returned home in the cave. On the minus second floor in the basement, he rents a room.

Inside, only a bed, desk and TV. It does not even fit in wardrobe. Instead, the ceiling strung wire for clothes. In the room the area of 6 square meters Wang Zhang has been living for more than a year. Almost all of his salary 6,000 yuan, about 30 thousand rubles, he sent the family to the village. Rent a room in a month it costs about 500 yuan, a little less than three thousand.

"I have a wife at home with a young son and elderly parents. Nobody can work, and there is no work in the village! They all live on my salary, so for myself, I try not to waste money. And people like me here a lot," — says Wang Zhang.

Total on the floor about 50 small rooms. As a large communal apartment at all one toilet and shower, but no kitchen at all. But the biggest problem is damp and cold. Within the total, plus 15 on the street about the same.

"In the winter we were cold here, and now spring, it became warmer. But I'm used to dress well", — says Wang Zhang.

In the family room Gong conditions are better — their house was recently renovated: insulate the walls. Now it is not cold but stuffy: ventilation in the basement and has not spent.

"We have a room of 10 meters for three, the air stagnates in the evenings often have a headache from it," — says the lifter Gong Zhuo.

Gong Mei works as a cleaner, her husband — a lifter. 4 years ago in the neighboring province they moved to Beijing. Like everyone else, went for a dream — to save money and build your house. Now, their savings will be used to pay for school daughter.

"We hope that our daughter in the future will be able to find a good job and for all to get out of the dungeon," — says Gong Mei.

Newcomers often agree to any, even the low wages. They do not get benefits, insurance and benefits. And if pekintsy of overcrowded homes can qualify for a new apartment, the workers, people without a residence permit for a social support can not count.

Skyscrapers in Beijing built very quickly. As fast growing and housing prices. Every year here to work on official statistics from across the country come 600,000 workers and a normal apartment they simply can not afford.

"Apart from the new arrivals constantly live in the city of about 5 million workers. Most of them rent rooms underground. But exactly how much is unknown", — said the sociology professor Li Shi.

Homes with residential basements which is nothing different from the usual. The owners prefer to hide the fact that rent such housing. But the Internet offers a lot of these. In Beijing, there are whole areas of underground inhabitants.

"By law, each person must be at least 9 square meters of housing. But if you ban these apartments, you have to create more affordable housing, right? How to solve this problem is unclear," — says architect Zhang Guang.

The authorities in turn a blind eye to this problem. On the one hand, China is trying to cope with rapid urbanization. On the other hand, to imagine life without the huge metropolis of people who agree to do any work, it is simply impossible.

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