The consequences of a tropical storm in the Australian Queensland

June 13, 2013. This time the disaster hit in the evening on the town of Pratt, located south-west of Brisbane, Queensland. Wind speeds of 56 km / h with the roof removed six residential buildings, destroyed one commercial building and silo. One house was only a fragment of the wall, floor and some furniture.

Emergency services do not exclude that such damage could cause a tornado, because all the damage could fit on a clear line width of 100 meters. Judging by the scale of destruction, wind vortex had an even greater rate than shown instrumentation. The speed of wind gusts could reach 90 km / h Rainfall in neighboring Warwick reached 41 mm during the storm.

In Prettene now actively engaged in removing debris that left behind a storm. Residents and rescue units will have to remove dozens of fallen trees, pieces of houses and outbuildings, garden furniture spoiled. Some items will have a good look before you return to the place. For example, a dog house from the courtyard of one of the residents of Pratt after the tornado was 200 meters away from its original location. The dog had to travel by air with her.

Interestingly, just before a storm or tornado, on this part of Queensland storm warning was canceled. As it turned out, forecasters slightly rushed.


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