The consequences of the earthquake in western Nepal

June 29, 2013. The earthquake that occurred in the middle of the Western region of Nepal in Rukum, had a magnitude of 5.5. The quake felt in 15 administrative units of the country and even in the capital city Kathmandu. Major destruction of the earthquake recorded in southern Rukum, in the settlement of Nuwakot destroyed more than a dozen homes. In Dzhagatipure damaged due to shock two-storey building. Others are damaged Khalanga built-9.

Among the people there are also affected, which reached number 20. Most of the people of the epicenter are still afraid to go back inside the house, as it is expected that the tremors could resume. Despite the fact that the leadership of the earthquake in the region learned almost a day ago, nobody is willing to go in Rukum and conduct rescue and clearance operations. Some of the locals did not even expect to find in the near future worthy of help to rebuild their homes or provide additional support to injured members of the family.

The National Seismological Centre in the last three days recorded in this region, three separate earthquakes. The first occurred in Dhanushe in eastern Nepal, the second in the recently flood-affected Darhule and third, the strongest in Rukum. The last time in Rukum tremors occurred in early March of this year (magnitude 5.4).


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