The consequences of the revolutions in North Africa

The consequences of the revolutions in North AfricaTunisia became the first state that has experienced for themselves all the beauty of the "Arab Spring." However, the term "Arab Spring" now is not the time frame depicts the revolutionary events in the Arab world. If the first events in Tunisia all thought that the East is rapidly calm down, now many realize that Tunisia — This is only the first hint of a global redistribution of spheres of geopolitical interests. A couple of years back Tunisia associated, in the main, with the true tale Maghreb, quiet streets and booming eastern markets. Now, unfortunately, is not that quite a few tourists are willing to come to Tunisia, stay here did not take advantage of great popularity in the middle of the Europeans. But it should be noted that the situation in the country yet still safer than, for example, in the adjoining Egypt and tourists, including those from Russia, does not represent any threat. Not a good role in the main design of the community, who, after the overthrow of President Ben Ali, trying to assert their rights.

Today Tunisian government headed by a new favorite — the President Moncef Marzouki — do everything to regain the status of Tunisia biggest tourist center in the north of Africa. Apparently, the new Tunisian authorities do it much better than the adjoining authorities of the country — once a true tourist Mecca — Egypt. January 23 in Egypt began a new work parliament. The majority of seats in the legislature in Cairo took constructive Islamists led by the party of "Muslim Brotherhood." As is typical of the first skirmish in the walls of Parliament have already appeared in First same time after it starts. Some MPs belonging to the Salafist movement, were added to the text of the oath the words that their work would not be contrary to Sharia. From the more moderate members of these words have caused anger, but the "Sharia" example was followed by other radicals.

You can imagine for yourself in what arena for discussions reincarnated Egyptian legislature with the passage of time. In addition, laws that will take parliament Egypt is obviously not always reflect the secular sentiments. Because the number of tourists from the Christian states ready to visit Egypt will only decrease. In this respect, Tunisia has a historic chance to take the lead in a tourist area in the north of the African continent.

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