The cyclone Evan in Samoa

The cyclone Evan Natural disasters in Samoa

Storm second category of danger, named Evan, swept over the Pacific state of Samoa, which was accompanied by the wind at a speed of 165 km / h Major releases of rainfall occurred over the capital city of Apia, located on about. Upolu. The islands in this regard, a state of emergency. Brunt of the disaster was strong enough that cost two islanders life. It was learned that during the cyclone two children disappeared near the floods Vaysigano. With its coast evacuated about 400 people.

From showers affected local agricultural crops, trees in some areas due to the complete destruction of the power plant is no electricity, damaged several bridges. The power supply may be resumed only after 2 weeks. Apia is also in the grip of floods, disrupted the local airport, as Evan did not leave the island for almost two days. For granted. Upolu storm warning is still in force, and for the nearby about. Sawai statute risk is lowered. American Samoa will meet with hurricane winds and rain only a few hours at the end of the working week.

Once a tropical storm will leave Samoa, its category will increase by one level. According to calculations of meteorological center of the neighboring islands of Fiji, the output Evan should reach the coast of the state and on-you Niu. According to statistics, the cyclone Evan became the most powerful in the islands of Samoa in the last 20 years.

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