The descendants of cloned aliens man. How could they?



The descendants of cloned aliens man. How could they?
13.11.03, the



 If you believe that people are the result of cloning experiments that are conducted over the aliens 25,000 years ago, and believe in the birth of the first human clone.
Think, too scathing, brash and arrogant beginning? Well, the Reuters report begins almost in the same words, and experts are very skeptical — are concerned, worried, but do not believe.
But, anyway, December 27, 2002 all the world's news agencies have issued a sensation: the company Clonaid at a press conference in Hollywood said that produced the world's first cloned baby — is a healthy baby girl.
Ostensibly — Caesarean section and gave birth to a child 31-year-old woman. It is said that an American. A girl named Eve (Eve) and her mother did not show the public where they are — do not say (according to some — in Canada), that is, almost no evidence has been provided. It is interesting that many of the media wrote that raelitov "cloned baby," while in fact — was cloned that same 31-year old American. That's the way.
According to Wired, the course of pregnancy and childbirth themselves were captured on video, and some "independent inspector" can attest to the genetic identity of the mother and child.
However, the examination should be made within a week after birth.
Will show whether the video? According to some, not earlier than two years.
Previously Clonaid claimed that women are pregnant with clones of March 2002, so that was just 9 months.
And it turns out that Clonaid, initially calling themselves only as "first human cloning company" (first "klonmeykerom"), ahead of his two rivals — Panayiotis Zavos (Panayiotis Zavos) and Severino Antinori (Severino Antinori).
The latter, by the way, promised to "please" the world clone in January of 2003, in what the scientific community immediately doubted.
And what, December 26, 2002 — the day of birth of the first clone? Really? Let's not jump to conclusions. We have somehow talked about Clonaid and its leader, the Brigitte Boisselier (Brigitte Boisselier), but recall-did it for the company.
I must say, most of the sensation of the first human clone has won the movement, but in reality — an international sect, called raelitov (Raelian Movement) — of such a public relations on a global scale, as a result of which they have received, we can only dream of.
From now on, nearly every person in the world will know that the founder of the movement that emerged in the Bahamas in 1997, is a former French journalist Claude Vorilon (Claude Vorilhon).
Today it — the spiritual leader and prophet Rael (Rael). A direct descendant of aliens, among other things. According raelitov themselves in their ranks more than 55,000 people in 84 countries. So, Clonaid — raelitov kept woman, vehemently denies that, saying only "philosophical" connection.
Although Boisselier said that the purpose of human cloning experiments is to help bereaved families Rael expressed pohlesche.
According to the alien child, having a baby clone — this is just the first step to ensure that live forever.
Then, once planned to create a clone of an adult, which can be transplanted to the brain: outlived its function in the body, tell the brain to another and live on.
His "ice-holes" raelitov described as follows: December 13, 1973 a French journalist Rael got in touch with a representative of another planet, who asked him to arrange for representation of the alien world. Embassy, so to speak.
The alien was about four feet tall, had long dark hair, almond-shaped eyes, olive skin, and exuded harmony and humor.
He said Rael: "We were the ones who created all life on Earth, you take us for gods, describing in all religions, but now you are mature enough to understand everything, we want to enter with you in the official contact through an embassy."
Well, and so on. Such fabrications called creationism, it seems. And Ms. Boisselier works for raelitov bishop.
The statement about the success of Clonaid has caused two kinds of reactions: they could not do so — adulteration, and the poor-poor clones, they do not live happily in this world.
However, not a hindrance, because in a nutshell response is this: how could they?
For example, here's a comment that gave in an interview with Itar-Tass Director of the Institute of Molecular Genetics Eugene Sverdlov: "The results of experiments on cloning animals have shown that in the majority of cases identified various abnormalities.
A cloned human life will become a nightmare, as the 30 years it will turn into an old man.
In 99% of cases there is a risk of having a freak.
So, for the creation of the famous Dolly the sheep had to make 300 stops, and all the other clones either died or were born ugly. "
In the case of raelitov Eugene Sverdlov "does not exclude the possibility of fraud": "When it comes to the illegal and uncontrolled actions, we can expect any.
Perhaps there has been a division of the embryo into fragments, rather than the transfer of the nucleus from an egg donor, as in the case of Dolly, which increases the likelihood of success. "
And Ms. Boisselier at a press conference said this: "I saw that both mother and baby are happy. I can tell you that it was the best day of their lives.
And I wish them to live a very happy life. We are the happy parents. "
In general, happiness brims over. We will monitor developments closely. Let's wait for the evidence, if any …



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