The descendants of the ancient pishchals

October 8 at the Cultural Center of the Armed Forces of Russian Federation held a conference devoted to the past and future of Russian artillery. The event was dedicated to the 630 th anniversary of its occurrence. As happens in similar conferences, it is not confined alone reports. During the event there was an exhibition of new artillery systems. It should be noted, were represented only layout of promising guns and self-propelled guns, but even they are interested in a particular enthusiasm for the subject.

Descendants of the old pishchals

Less countless models were naval guns. Existing photo and video materials can be complex to figure out the A-190 "Universal" (130 mm caliber), AK-176M1 (76 mm) and A-220M (57 mm). All new naval artillery system connects voedinyzhdy new approach to protection. So, bulletproof and ballistic turrets booking is made of flat panels at an angle to each other. This solution allows you to tangibly reduce the visibility of the tower for radar stations. In the future, as it is believed a similar design artillery units will help reduce the "visibility" of the ship as a whole. As for the hell of fire, in this area naval artillery almost close to maximum capacity. For example, the most powerful of the presented units of A-190 thrashes standard "blanks" in the range of about 21 kilometers. Reach the height of this gun is 15 km. Other guns, with the smallest caliber least give the highest performance. The future development of naval artillery systems will be to re-coupled to the instrument electronics (radar warning and control, ballistic computer) and the development of new weapons, including corrected. As practice for the introduction of similar land-based artillery shells, more expensive single munition up costing less noticeable huge number of unmanaged, which are needed to defeat a similar purpose.

Descendants of the old pishchals

Subject corrected artillery shells had been raised in the context of land-based artillery. There is information on the development of a comparable managed cheapest kind of ammunition for the guns and howitzers. If that is indeed the project exists, perhaps, the future self-propelled "Coalition-SV" will be shooting, including shells and such. The exhibition was shown at once two models of self-propelled guns, which differ from each other used gear: wheeled and tracked. Turrets of both self-propelled artillery units are similar and are equipped with a similar howitzer of 152 mm caliber. It should be noted that at the current time, the project "Coalition-SV" involves the creation of a more conventional way SAU, if in the past iterations of your own. After a series of problems related customer and the executor of the project decided to abandon the idea of 2-guns on the same machine. Because modern "Coalition-SV" is similar to the previous self-propelled guns, such as, for example, as "MSTA-S". Representatives of the developer organization — NRI "Petrel" — say the main differences between the modern self-propelled guns from the past are in the interior equipment. First, the "Coalition-SV" from other Russian self-propelled features uninhabited combat compartment. All the processes of loading and aiming now made automatic, and the crew ACS is in a separate volume and has a particularly strong defense. In the case of a crawler chassis (apparently, it is not created on the basis of the available samples) calculating three people arranged in a single control unit, located before the combat compartment. So Makarov, during combat soldiers do not have to be around potentially unsafe ammunition or wasting power on the carrying of languid shots.

Wheeled version of the "Coalition-SV" in the main terms of their own like the track, but based on a different chassis. Based on the layout, as the eight-wheeled all-wheel drive chassis used truck family of "KAMAZ-6350." The appearance of the wheel assembly and the layout can imagine that the whole calculation is that of self-propelled guns in the cockpit of a basic car and from there makes fire control. When considering the option wheel ACS "Coalition-SV" in the eyes immediately throws the level of protection of the crew and armament. Of course, that wheeled armored vehicles are usually not equipped with protivosnaryadnym booking. But the tower with a 152-mm gun still planned to be installed on the chassis of "KAMAZ". One of the main reasons for this is the long-range shooting. According to calculations, "Coalition-SV" will be able to peel at 70 km, which reduces the risk of being back fire and completely eliminate the enemy firing point-blank range. In addition, to increase the probability of survival was created by a new self-propelled guns firing mode under the title "hail of fire." The essence of this change is to shoot with the highest rate of the same configuration and the elevation of the barrel. Due to the right track sequence of shots and initial angle of the projectile is achieved by a unique effect: shells fired in a relatively large clearance time, reaches the target almost immediately. "A flurry of fire" allows the battery to self-propelled guns do not give out their position for quite some time, which will allow her to get away from the position of retaliation.

Another fascinating exhibit of the show was the reactive system multiple rocket launchers "Tornado". SSPE "Alloy" from Tula engaged in this project to unify most of existing MRL in service. Unification begins with a one size fits all system modifications wheel chassis with 8×8. It establishes a single system fire control and universal launcher installation. The latter, depending on the need, can be equipped with a range of packages rails. Depending on the set on the military vehicle launch tubes is determined by its modification. On the version of "Tornado-G" is set two trigger module 15 pipe 122mm each. In such a configuration can be used MLRS shells from the complex BM-21 "Grad" (hence the letter "G" in the title). Version of "Tornado-U" is two blocks of eight guides and uses 220-mm MLRS rockets from the "Hurricane." In the end, the most mnogokalibernaya modification under the title "Tornado-S" is equipped with only one block of 6 launch tubes. A small number of shells is compensated by their features — "Tornado-S" uses a 300-mm rocket complex "Twister." As an interim measure, pending the delivery of large-scale was created by a different version of the "Tornado-G", implying installation on combat vehicles "GRAD" modern management tool.

At the current time, the Russian multiple rocket launchers capable of hitting targets at ranges from 3 to seventy kilometers from unnecessary. The latest versions of missiles for the complex "Twister", for example 9M528, and able to fly at 90 km. Chapter SSPE "Alloy" N. Makarovets caveat that technology has the opportunity to further the growth of the longest range missiles "Whirlwind." The new threshold radius acts — about 200 km. However, Makarovets not tell any details of growth range, which represent more enthus
iasm. The fact that the U.S. has already experienced drastic growth of their own firing range MLRS M270 MLRS. To raise the act with the largest radius for regular 240-mm shells forty kilometers used rocket family ATACMS. Instead of the standard launcher on the M270 military vehicle mounted another, two missiles at a larger size (about 600 mm). The latest versions of these missiles, namely MGM-168A Block 4A able to fly at a distance of 250-270 km. Practically, M270 with ATACMS missiles ceases to be multiple rocket launchers and becomes operational-tactical missile system. From this comes completely trivial interest in the company to the director "Alloy": will sverhdalnoboynaya rocket for the "Smerch" MLRS real ammunition for either under the guise of the latter will develop a controlled weapon, similar to the same "Iskander"?

In general, the exhibition at the conference on the anniversary of Russian artillery, clearly showed that the creation of new systems runs and has some success. Russian artillery as before remains on the leading position in the world and continues to evolve. Featured in the exhibition layouts promising and has already built artillery systems have shown that in the history of Russian barreled weapons early to finish, and it is appropriate to promising dot.

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