The dictatorship in democratic clothing

The senior senator from Arizona — horn decrepit world leader

John McCain, the senior senator from Arizona, is very popular all over the world. The mystery of his popularity is simple: it is convenient for the press — about the same as was previously easy to Russian journalism Zhirinovsky. McCain is always on the edge, and even beyond the political scandal with international color, always expressive and aggressive and tend to talk more about bombs and rockets — in any way — and does not claim to be a Nobel Peace Prize, as a cautious and almost always predictable (for excluding same-sex marriages) Barack Obama. McCain love to interview, his love quoting journalists of the West and the East, he — no doubt, a bright figure in the political Disneyland horizon of not only the U.S. but also around the world. McCain even the article says — on the topic of Pax Americana. Another question is who in popularity — he or Tom Cruise. So very noticeable senior senator just because he gave brightness media. Without them, it would have been an ordinary crazy, got out of Vietnam pit. (By the way, do not be offended by the emotional Senator diagnostician Putin, who wrote to him via "Twitter" (quote in the transmission McCain): "He said I was a bloodthirsty person who likes to see how killing people like Gaddafi, and that I Two years spent in the pit, and I have his wits … ")

This same McCain, who predicted Russia and China in the "Arab Spring" ("There is no doubt that Russia is coming in the" Arab Spring ", as, by the way, and in China"), who believes that intervention in Yugoslavia was a "moral duty" of America, which calls to bomb Syria because there is no democracy, and President Bashar al-Assad tyrannized the people, and who believes that Syria was not on the agenda of the NATO summit in Chicago — "not only sad and regrettable ", but could mean the end of America:" All this is not only sad and unfortunate. About 10,000 Syrian civilians have been killed by the regime of Bashar al-Assad during the unfair fights with Russian weapons and operating in the country Iranian militants. The U.S. refused to help! Some of the countries of the Persian Gulf, led by Saudi Arabia intends to supply weapons to the rebels. However, the situation calls for American leadership. We could have created a safe zone for the resistance and supply him with weapons, but America does not want. This is a shameful episode in our history. "Backstage leadership" of President Obama tells us that he does not believe in the exclusivity of the United States. "

It is possible that believes in oneness of America Senator McCain (by the way, he could become president in 2008. Than never know? Was also the Americans by President George W. Bush, who could not show on the world map of Iraq, but has spent in White House two consecutive terms) is aware of his behavior, similar to the behavior of the failed dictator. The ability to shock and emotion often make policy widely known. Judge for yourself: how many U.S. Senators have at the hearing? With the move, few who remember. Is that the same John McCain. Yes, his friend Joe Lieberman, another ardent advocate of the Syrian opposition, fraternal greetings on the Syrian-Turkish border air strikes on Syria and accelerated construction there buffer zones under American auspices. Shocking much solves the power, where emotions often form a political line. After all, a lover of warships and inveterate enemy of Russia on behalf of Mitt Romney — a potential presidential candidate for the Republican — a figure not without reason expressive.

By the way, not at all combative Romney brought the first brick in the construction of enmity with Russia. The former owner of the brick — John McCain. To quote the American media:

"The presidential candidate of the Republican Party in the 2008 election, John McCain, and often openly critical of Moscow, was made in 2010 for the cooling of relations with Russia. In his emotional speech at the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University, he said:

"Now we need to show more realism about Russia — in terms of our interaction with it lately, its obvious shortcomings of the authorities, the divergence of interests of Russia and the United States and our governments lack of shared values. To arrive at these conclusions, we do not need WikiLeaks, my friends. They have long been readily apparent. "

To prove his claim, he referred to the usual horror stories — Russian opposition to the deployment of a European missile defense and its desire to preserve the Soviet sphere of influence. However, his main point was not that the U.S. and Russia have different interests, but the fact that they do not have "common values".

McCain knows what he says. Moscow, unlike Washington, is not going to do a colony of Syria, and at the same time hold the "Arab Spring" in all depressed world, which is so touching cares senator from Arizona. In this case, the United States is in no hurry to democratize, for example, in Bahrain, where the human rights of the little that remains, but the interests of the United States complied with strictly. Almost as severely as the interests of the "Formula 1".

Michael Cohen in the journal "Foreign Policy" recently wrote: "Throughout the history of modern American diplomacy, American foreign policy has repeatedly been torn between two competing and often overlapping voltages: protecting the interests of U.S. national security and upholding American values, particularly those that relating to human rights and democracy. The shifts of the two — sometimes incompatible — pulses were anathema to many presidents at the time, when they came into office. "

In fact, one "pulse" — namely, the ancient and the vague idea of human rights — always and everywhere served the American cover of the second pulse and the main associated with the "protection of the interests of U.S. national security." Moreover, it should be noted, preventive protection.

And the current potential candidate for the U.S. presidency Mitt Romney — as well as his political partner, John McCain — Obama criticizes the current president just for the fact that the latter renounces American values. It is necessary to intervene in Syria, Damascus bombing, hold buffer zones and celebrate the victory of the new Pax Americana, — and Obama instead flirts with a stubborn Russia and persuade Israel not to go to Iran.

We should not reduce but increase the military budget, said Romney, making these words the mission statement.

Says the same thing and a great McCain: "The reduction in our defense budget in accordance with the requirements of sequestering — is not nothing but a unilateral disarmament, which will lead to a real weakening and decline of U.S. military power. Many of us were in Congress with proposals to abandon sequestration, but we do not have a monopoly on good ideas. We want to sit down with the president at the table and work out a bipartisan agreement. But the president refuses to cooperate. He has no proposals to prevent "catastrophic," as his own minister of defense, reducing the cost of our defense. If the president does not agree to cooperate on the issue, we will witness the most powerful weakening of our armed forces for the last time. "

So, what Romney that McCain — for intensifying the arms race. In the name of what? The imposition of a dictatorial world order of "American values" — or rather, of withholding from the world of all that is valuable for America?

And that is true. Voluntarily American values no one will accept. Another thing — if it stands for a military force that reinforces those "interests" which resemble very painful desire to establish a world dictatorship on the planet and call it a "democratic paradise." To the "interests", according to the canons of post-modern, consistent with the "principles" and the exclusive American consciousness defined by the World being idealistic.

Alexander Gareginyan writes:

"… McCain does not understand that all the countries of the world have the right to choose their own paths, public order, and that they are not to blame if their choice is something contrary to the Western American values. But affects his interview discontent Barack Obama, mentally healthy person who is, you see, does not believe in "U.S. exceptionalism!" What is this uniqueness, how it is expressed, and why it is necessary to believe in it?

There have been periods in history when one state is so superior to the development of civilization and the political and military power of other countries that obey him unconditionally, recognized his greatness and superiority, and learned from him. This was Rome, Persia was a (to defeat the Macedonians). Today, between the world powers is no such gap of any civilization, or in other ways. Consequently, Americans claiming to be exclusive, do not realize that the difference between them and, say, Russian, English, Chinese and French or not, or it is so small that does not allow the claim to exclusivity. At the time, the exclusivity of Rome made it possible to plant the Roman emperors on their thrones of other states of people, and the inhabitants of these states are grateful to the decisions of the Romans, and were eager to learn from them. Today, American solutions "emperors" in the non-sovereign states or given a hostile reception, or they can be demagogic rhetoric and brute force to put into life, but in any case, they revolted. And in Libya, and in Iraq and Afghanistan and the former Yugoslavia, and in Egypt, and now in Syria American politics is sickening, and for them, and rejection … "

Something like this exposes any American statement of American values. No notorious double standards, in fact, not. "Values" — only inflated shell, and "interests" — the only thing that America is on a curve dictatorial trail to a natural dead-end finale decrepit state, trying to teach the whole world, but suddenly found that in order for students to obey, the teacher is required authority . Real liberals in America today would have been the amazing Mister, who would oppose U.S. hegemony in the world.

In the meantime, did not show such an incredible liberal rant current senators and presidential candidates need to be translated into human language. If Senator McCain or a potential Republican candidate for president Mitt Romney is in favor of "tough game" in the name of human rights and other values, in terms of commonplace language this means that at some point the planet or been harmed American interests, or those interests can be realized in this place, which is also not to be missed. That is why the propaganda of the Republicans in the U.S. today is built on the preaching of American values, which, in the opinion of Republican rivals, President and belittles the poor wretched Democrat Obama, a little apprehension in the exclusivity of the United States.

Rights here Michael Cohen. "But do not believe a word of it — he writes. — All presidential candidates, whether they are Democrats or Republicans, say the priority of human rights when he ran for president — but behave quite differently, getting to the office. "

McCain's got only to the senatorial seat, and already blurts: "… we add together our enormous strength and our democratic values, and act on that basis. In the community of nations … America is still unique, exclusive, democratic great power, which uses its unparalleled influence not only to promote their own selfish interests, but also to strengthen the set of universal values. "

In this diatribe "great power" McCain is ahead of "democratic values" and "own selfish interests" ahead of "a set of universal values." The reader is not a fool, and is easy to conclude that the "values" — no more than a light accompaniment to oily and hearty chop (with blood) "selfish interests" for which McCain and his ilk, and advocate for an increase in "defense" of the U.S. budget.

Against the background of relatively peaceful Obama, little by little the dealer position of the U.S. global hegemony, McCain ally of Romney radiates enthusiasm alleged commander, poking his finger into the map and naming the enemy without thinking, and arguing that increased military budget in a time of crisis — the right decision. The American PEOPLE thick, glancing evening and night in the Japanese TV Chinese build these imperial propaganda and the assurances will eat and vote for Romney: Russia hostile Republican, can say, in the southern states have already won. At the sight of such electoral success competitor panicked Obama plunge to the same story in the unenviable with a microphone, nothing to do but to also get used to the role of the popular secular politics: that to speak out in support of same-sex marriage and get a warm greeting from Guido Westerwelle, Barbara Hel and Volker Beck, who demanded to join their company's conservative Angela Merkel, then accept an invitation to an evening at Cluny, where Hollywood stars clubbed him on the campaign trail.

All this fuss with the "blue" and "Stars" looks ugly and smells bad, but it is much more similar to a typical rotten democracy, rather than the imperialist habits inherent autocrats — including potential dictators like Romney, who are willing to relocate at least all of America in tents, just to increase the military budget and organize voynushku, preferably at sea, for example, in the Strait of Hormuz. What a dictator — without war and the glory of triumph?

Disentangle the naval mess have that same PEOPLE, who dies at the interests of the American metropolis somewhere in Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Iraq, and paying taxes rather big, then distributed in favor of the Afghan or Libyan democracy, with the approval of types like McCain — PEOPLE who all stares and looks at TVs, high-calorie zazhevyvaya expressive propaganda and dangerous to the health and chips washed down with them causing cancer coca-cola. Alternate channels, and on the screen urging Syria to storm and waiting for Moscow's "Arab Spring" is replaced by the bellicose McCain Romney, and Romney — energetic gossekretarshey Hillary Clinton, who is willing to expand NATO and thanked the Georgian government — for the fact that it "did not resort to violence towards Abkhazia and South Ossetia, which Russia maintains "that teaches young Americans cynically" diplomacy in the field of energy "- as a factor in U.S. national security, ie, the fact that" affordable "imported oil — the main wealth of America, and that America must continue to make efforts to ensure that the oil continued to be "accessible".

And America is making them. Therefore is there on the world map new state — South Sudan, for example, easily pririsovyvayut to their territories Heglig oil region, officially belonging to the territory of another Sudan. It is possible that a new democratic Libya will soon split into two or three countries. The formula is old and proven: divide and conquer. The creation of "buffer zones" in the hydrocarbon-rich Syria would mean for the United States is the same, that the democratization of Libya. Only here Bashar Assad for which was a nice hint sad experience tortured and then shot dead by the rebels Gaddafi, did not allow the peacekeepers with the manners of the dictators themselves led by the nose.

Taking care of children, mothers, the environment, civil society, and the duping of censorship

Sometimes, however, it seems that the American pipe, blowing out the monotonous tune of "values" bored since the Cold War with the Soviet Union, suddenly stops and begins to play out of tune quite sincerely. From the soul, so to speak. And the usual way of overseas dictator is replaced by the smiling face of Uncle Democrat — a sort of jovial, leaning to a child with candy in sticky fingers …

In March 2012, U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul, happily observing statements by the opposition in Moscow, flew to Washington izayavil there that protests in Russia are not intended to overthrow the regime, but it is a revival of civil society. But it without America, Russian civil society is not awake. And so the United States should create a fund to support civil society in Russia. U.S. taxpayers — ordinary workers, programmers, managers, and office cleaners — happily initiative McFaul and his commanders received by the Congress, will be paid.

In the address of a democratic-minded ambassador, preaching American values in Russia, the U.S. provided there for the money (that seems to be true and generous democracy), were confronted by accusations — by not submissive hauzkiperov America, but slow-witted Russian, Chura democracy as fire — and even mistakenly believing its dictatorship. For does not the dictators who consider themselves the exclusive right and impose their world view? Upset McFaul, who is said to have since become afraid to go out of the embassy in store for Russian sausage without meat, had to defend:

"I want to emphasize it is absolutely clear that no part of the money allocated by the United States on the development of civil society in Russia, is intended to neither political organizations, political parties and movements, nor for the organization of demonstrations, either for political leaders. <…>

Grants can only receive non-partisan, independent, and non-governmental organizations working on the development of civil society, to strengthen it, to help cope with the myriad of problems faced by civil society organizations around the world: environmental problems, concerns about the health of the mother and the child, respect for human rights. <…>

Unfortunately, these organizations do not receive support in Russia today. And, I repeat, unfortunately, these groups have to rely not only on American support, but also to the British, Swedish, German, Japanese funds … "

But everyone seems to know how to take care in the United States and the West in general, for example, the rights of the mother and child. Juvenile justice system, when there are children whose parents legally controlled and run by parents guardianship, — try to instill in Russia only with the flow "of such organizations." Regarding the protection of the environment, then the other day the "big eight" Camp David has agreed to cancel the international brick ovens. And it is not nothing but a quiet sabotage against Russian village, about which for democratic naivety did not think was present at the summit, Dmitry Medvedev.

McFaul do not have to be amazed that his democratic ideas do not meet the response in the hearts of jaded Russian. It&#39;s not that McFaul, who firmly believes in what he says and does — is a liar, and that the Russian people are tired of them imposing American values. With the restructuring took many, many years, and the people in Russia, fortunately, able to distinguish between a wolf under the sheep&#39;s clothing, that is the dictator in the guise of a Democrat.

Yes, and not only by Russians fed up with America&#39;s struggle for American values.

May 7, U.S. Ambassador to Uzbekistan George Krol said: "The conflict, which ended 67 years ago, has united the country and the people that have fought as allies in a common cause, among them — the people of Uzbekistan and the United States of America."

Ambassador uttered journalist Kozim Usmanov — for historical inaccuracies, which are made in their free-style speech, the representative of the great and exceptional nation. Usmanov has not agreed with the Ambassador that 67 years ago there was a "conflict", "… just a conflict. Dust-type. Do not share anything with anyone, Mr. Hitler. " Interpretation of the events of the last century, according to the journalist, is also very questionable: in fact the very concept of the Great Patriotic War (or "conflict") is applied to the Soviet Union, not to Uzbekistan as such.

Angered by Ambassador exclusive powers denied to journalists who became disgraced on American soil resource to participate in a meeting of representatives of the media in Uzbekistan with interlocutors at the U.S. Embassy in Tashkent — Usmanov because of an article that suggested — apparently, in full accordance with the principle of freedom of speech — to remove from the site. And I had to apologize to the ambassador. In writing.

That is the American ambassador, one of the heralds of the "rights" and "freedoms", apparently in a fit of self-awareness "exclusiveness", decided to silence journalists (actually censor) and request a clear recognition of the American version of the history of XX century.

And this — the behavior of the Democrat?

Dissatisfied with dictatorial ambassadors Democrats USA and the Armenians:

"The U.S. Embassy in Armenia repeatedly (if not systematically) exercise in our country cynical acts, many of which rightfully should infuriate any self respecting Armenian, regardless of political affiliation. Moreover, cynical creeps into our business: is the party lists (in particular, the list of "heirs" and the Free Democrats — the product of the American ambassador), gives no objection subject to the final and &#39;infallible&#39; assessment processes in the country, and events, not to mention that very often give instructions to the Armenian leadership to be conclusive (it is the shadow image, so I will not repeat and match their words with evidence by subject).

I think the yoke of the U.S. embassy felt by all individuals and organizations (including the public), one way or another connected with the political and social activities. And no one has expressed no protest, no one criticized the activities of the U.S. Embassy in Armenia and the policy of USAID, aimed at best fooling the Armenian society, at worst — to undermine the Armenian statehood. A deal that is long overdue. If it is done by the Uzbeks, had only recently descended from the trees (by their own admission), the Armenians should learn from them and try at least once. Once it becomes clear that nothing bad will happen (that is, the land is not overturned, and the clouds were left in place), you can try the second, third time. Well, then it will become a habit that will lead to many positive changes in the society and the state. "

American ambassadors, dispersed throughout the territory of the former USSR, dudyat in old pipes, preserved in the geopolitical orchestra since the Cold War. And if Barack Obama from time to time this archaic refuses to conduct the orchestra, the conductor&#39;s baton picked up by McCain, Romney, Hillary Clinton or some other kind of jumped ahead preacher American dictatorship American values.

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