The earthquake in Japan, followed by tsunami

The earthquake in Japan, followed by tsunami Natural disasters

The Japanese islands have been two-pronged attack in the form of a magnitude 7.3 magnitude earthquake and ensuing tsunami in the northeast of the country. Push felt good even residents of Tokyo, wave height emerged reached 1 meter. Fortunately, the official data on injuries were reported, but in the danger zone canceled trains and closed airports.

This is done to prevent the tragedy at possible aftershocks, because the current earthquake occurred just in the place where a year ago in March, the infamous event happened at Fukushima. Then killed about 20,000 people and nuclear power has failed. As soon as the observers was found tsunami, all workers plant were immediately evacuated.
Earthquake similar power could cause the collapse of some of the cracks in roads and homes in Miyagi prefecture. Sendai airport, flooded matured in March 2011, was closed immediately. Narita Airport in Tokyo to temporarily stop working, but later on all landings and departures were restored.

Residents of the affected prefectures are in no hurry to go home and wait out in the camps for evacuees, which are organized by the authorities on the hills, 30 km from the Fukushima plant. In communities still is panic, because the phone lines are overloaded due to the fact that people try to verify that all their friends are alive and well. The prime minister canceled his visit to Tokyo as part of their campaign.

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