The epidemic of insanity in the United States

USA covered the epidemic of mental illness. At least 10% of adults have a serious mental disorder, 25% of college students are depressed. The rapid plunge the nation into a frenzy was one of the causes of the economic crisis


In recent years, the decline of the U.S. has become a fashionable topic of discussion among economists and political scientists. But experts usually emphasize the economic indicators, ignoring a very important trend — the country is growing inexorably and without a high incidence of severe mental disorders.

The number of people suffering from various mental illnesses is so great that it is time to talk about the epidemic of madness, according to a professor of sociology, political science and anthropology at Boston University Leah Greenfeld.

  • The country started to go crazy in the early 2000s. A study conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health (NiMH) in 2003, found that the prevalence of depression among U.S. adults (18-54 years) is 16%. Suffered from schizophrenia, 1.7% of Americans. Over time, the situation has become even worse. The incidence increases with each new generation.
  • Studies among American college students showed even more frightening results. In 2010, 20% of students in the college of young people meet the criteria for major depressive disorder. In 2012, the depression has been observed in 25% of the students.
  • You have to understand that identify mental disorder is very difficult. In some cases, symptoms do not appear. For example, an observer can not determine the presence of the most common human disorders — clinical depression. At the same time, it is one of the most dangerous diseases: clinical depression in 20% of cases, commit suicide.
  • The problem of mental illness in the fact that they are very difficult to treat. For example, until now there is no cure for schizophrenia. And if a person became ill at a young age, he will have to live with the disease until his death.
  • Meanwhile, people with mental health problems often are lost to society. Schizophrenia, manic-depressive psychosis is characterized by loss of control over the thoughts and deystviyami.Chasto patients confuse fiction and reality. That is, their solutions are very often inadequate.
  • Are in people susceptible to depression obsessive suicidal thoughts, they have no motivation, and just as hard to be considered beneficial to society individuals.
  • Accurately estimate the number of Americans with severe mental illness is difficult. Experts call numbers from 10% to 20% of the population. And about 50% of U.S. residents suffer from less severe forms of mental illness, which for a short while violating their capacity.

The consequences of "epidemic of madness" can not affect international politics. Because the disease is uniformly distributed among the population, which means they are amazing and politicians, managers, teachers and military personnel of all ranks. From this judgment and their solutions are also inadequate. Sure, it contributes to the ongoing economic downturn.

It is noteworthy that from a mental disorder mainly affects the developed Western countries. The states of South-East Asia, there seems to be immune. It should be noted that the crisis has hit the country and to a much lesser extent. The reason for a high concentration of severe mental illness in the developed world may be the western style of life. In the crowded world of information, people find it very difficult to self-identify and make the right choice. As a result, most are in complete disorientation and just going with the flow.

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