The FBI acknowledged the existence of UFOs?



As is known, the authorities are very reluctant to talk about the phenomenon of unidentified flying objects, and often simply deny their existence. Recently, however, the FBI issued a press release in which it described the incident 63 years ago, associated with the UFO. This occurred in connection with the next observation of mysterious lights in the sky in the north-eastern United States.

Since information about the phenomenon widely commented on and discussed, the agency issued a release stating that in the past his staff have had to deal with the study of UFOs. Annexed document, dated March 22, 1950, describing the incident happened in New Mexico. There were three fixed object that looked like a flying saucer.

"They were described as a cylindrical object with the rise of the middle, about 50 feet in diameter, — said in a report to the agent Guy Hottel. — In each of them there were three bodies with human outlines, but the growth of only three feet, dressed in metallic clothes very fine texture. "

At the same time, in a report said that the investigation into the matter has not been carried out.

"Dispatch does not prove the existence of UFOs, it's just a message received from the second and third hand, which has never been investigated," — says the FBI.

Well, at least, the agency does not deny the fact of observation of unidentified flying objects, and there is no attempt to provide a far-fetched "real" explanation … As far as possible the investigation of this case, as in other similar episodes, in order to carry out its must be based on some certain rules and criteria, and in the case of UFOs there are none, as is known, with what we have to do … In addition, the investigation requires a certain amount of resources and costs, as a result of its highly questionable …

Meanwhile, recently had another "ufosensatsiya." A Charles James Hall said he had while serving in the U.S. Army had contact with aliens on the basis of Nellis in Nevada. In the mid 60-ies of the last century Hall was the weather observer at the U.S. Air Force. He did his military service at Nellis AFB in Nevada desert, then transferred to the artillery unit Indian Springs near Las Vegas, and he finished service in Vietnam. After returning home, he married man and earned a degree in nuclear physics at the University of San Diego.

Not so long ago, Hall told Australian television that on the basis of Nellis he had a chance to see the aliens. They are there called the "Nordics". According to Hall, "Nordics" were very tall, rising from 2.4 to 3 meters, and claimed to 600 or 800 years in our reckoning.

However, Charles James Hall is not the first who allegedly attended a closed military base and saw there "fellow human beings." In May 1989, a Las Vegas radio station aired a program about a certain young physicist named Dennis, who claimed to have worked at a secret U.S. Air Force base near Groom Lake, Nevada, where he was involved in research of "flying saucers". Later, "Dennis" called his real name — Robert Lazar.

Lazar told reporters in detail about what happened to him at the base in December 1988. From the airport of Las Vegas was taken to the famous scientist Zone-51 on the banks of a dried-up lake "Groom Lake," and from there transported by bus to the even more secretive place under the code name "Area-S4", located near the other "dry lake" — Lake Pepus .

On the basis of Bob learned that for the past 15 years, the government major world powers cooperate with aliens from the fourth planet star system Zeta 2 of the constellation reticulum. Apparently, pursuing their own aims humanoids provide earth scientists to study their technologies and entered into a cooperation agreement.

Lazar was sent to the laboratory propulsion systems, where he took part in the work on the project "Galileo". His responsibilities included the study of the power plant alien aircraft.

Robert Lazar describes in detail the appearance of humans: in particular, reports that in their chest containing a pear-shaped organ that performs both the function of the heart, lungs, stomach, etc. The neck is the "gray men" thin, and on it are visible from muscle. Do not have an alien ears, and their hearing set at a much higher frequency sound than the one on which people typically communicate …

However, it is possible that the "revelations" of the Hall and Lazar are no more than a part of a special government program, whose purpose — to hide from the public the true information about UFOs. Which consists in the fact that most of the "strange objects" — samples of secret military technology. If you look, the government is much more profitable to maintain the fiction about aliens than to reveal military secrets.
Margarita Trinity

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