The final stage of testing an upgraded version of MBT «Arjun» Mk.2 begin in August

The final stage of testing an upgraded version of MBT
TSAMTO, July 26. The final step is actually testing a hundred percent a modernized version of the Indian defense industry developed main battle tank (MBT) «Arjun» Mk.2 begins in the desert of Rajasthan, first of August.

As reported by «Jane’s Defence Weekly,» on MBT «Arjun» Mk.2, which will be evaluated NE country over the next few months, holds 73 of the 93 planned improvements, including the 19 «key».

According to the manager is part of the DRDO Research Bureau development of combat vehicles (CVRDE) Dr. Shiv Kumar P (P Shiv Kumar), the remaining 20 relate to improvements and ammunition will be implemented separately.

According to military sources, the company «Israel Militaire Industries» (Israel Military Industries) and «Elbit Systems» (Elbit Systems) provided advisory services CVRDE within applets modernization.

Kumar on disk imaging, Modernized «Arjun» Mk.2, which is able to perform the missile launch through bore 120mm gun, equipped with improved thermal sight for firing NIGHT MODE system and laser warning obluchenii.Tank resettled upgraded gun barrel with increased resource system automatic target tracking, advanced navigation system, panoramic thermal imager commander. Weight MBT «Arjun» Mk.2 is 67 m, which is significantly more than the MBT «Arjun» Mk.1 (60 m).

«Arjun» Mk.2 resettled mine roller blade, auxiliary power unit 8.5 kW (for «Arjun» Mk.1 — 4,5 kW), ERA state of development, improved suspension and tracks.

Container storage of ammunition, modifying the hull and turret have allowed to make a lower silhouette and least vulnerable. At the same time, MBT «Arjun» Mk.2, as «Arjun» Mk.1, resettled German diesel engine MTU 838 Ka-501 and automatic RENK 304 S, despite plans to change their government or jointly produced counterparts.

CVRDE expects to receive orders for 250 MBT «Arjun» Mk.2, whose price for disk imaging Defence Minister AK Anthony is estimated at Rs 370 million (8 million dollars) per unit.

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