The five-year British boy told his parents: Im a girl and now he has a change of sex.

The five-year Zach Avery became the youngest Briton with a diagnosis of "gender identity disorder." Parents, health professionals and psychologists have supported his decision to become a girl, and at school specially equipped for it "gender-neutral" toilet, writes The Daily Mail.

According to Zack's mother, before her son is completely normal boy who loved to play trains with his brother Alex. But at some point he became interested in cartoons with the princesses, and then his world changed dramatically. At the age of three, he said to her: "Mom, I'm a girl."

Her parents thought it was just a game and decided to leave it as is. But the boy wanted to look like a girl and acted like a girl. In the end, the child was taken to a child psychologist and heard the verdict: "Your son has a girl brain and the body — a boy."

Now, in a closet full of clothes for Zach girls, he plays with dolls and pigtail braids. His mother is with regret that she wanted her son to come back, but she respects his choice.

Meanwhile, growing numbers of teenagers and young children, which helps doctors to change their sex, says InoPressa citing the Associated Press. At the same time, parents and doctors rarely approve minor children wish to change their sex, and yet the trend is growing.

"The problem leads to ethical issues: some experts are calling for caution when asked to ensure that children of hormones and agents that block puberty," — said the agency.

In turn, the director of one of the first in the United States gender identity clinics at Children's Hospital in Boston believes that pediatricians need to know that these children exist and deserve treatment for a sex change.

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