The formula mass consumption: buy, throw away, buy.

In the Nursery has otdolbili basis of caste identity, voices are now preparing the future of industrial consumer goods. "I love to fly, — whispered voices — I love to fly, so I like to wear anything new, so I like to …"

— And the old clothes — byaka — continued relentless insinuation. — Junk we throw away. The game is not worth repairing. Than the old one repaired, it is best to buy new, than the old one repaired, it is best … buy new. Sew up the holes — peter out and grieve; holes to sew up — peter and …

"Sew up the tear — peter out and grieve." It's true then? Repair old ones — antisocial.

After sitting for a book, a lot would be required.

— Soma need to take grams.
— All the advantages of Christianity and alcohol — and not a single of their instrumentals.

"Soma grams — and no dramas"
"Soma am! — And no dramas "

From the book by Aldous Huxley. Brave new world 1932

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