The Georgian military refuse to take Afghan School

In Georgia, a problem with a set of contract for service in Afghanistan. C beginning of 2012, about 100 soldiers have written a report on the refusal to serve in this country. In this case, objectors do not confuse even the high penalties provided for non-contract terms.

Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili, during a visit to a military base "Vasiani" where from 10 to 24 March are held Georgian-US military exercises «Agile Spirit», stated that "the Georgian army should continue to participate in operations in Afghanistan, as it must combat experience. "

"If the army has no military experience, that such an army is defective, so the Georgian military, despite the loss, must continue to participate in NATO operations in Afghanistan. For several thousands of our military have been "Afghan school" and got the best armies in the world of military experience in this country, "- Saakashvili said.

The Georgian leader has received a mixed assessment in Abkhazia and South Ossetia. In particular, in Tskhinvali said that constantly warring army — evidence of aggressive foreign policy of Saakashvili and tied with promises to take revenge after the war in August 2008

Meanwhile, the Georgian military men themselves do not rush to pass "an Afghan school." According to the Tbilisi newspaper "Kviris Palette" in Georgia are having problems with a set of contract for service in Afghanistan. It is reported that since the beginning of 2012 about 100 soldiers have written a report on the refusal to serve in this Islamic republic. In this case, objectors do not confuse even the high penalties provided for non-contract terms.

The Ministry of Defense has initiated the adoption of amendments to the law "On Military Duty and Military Service". The changes involve an increase in the period of compulsory military service from 12 to 15 months. According to the Defense Minister of Georgia, which operated before the term of compulsory military service to 12 months is not enough for military training.

In addition, the Ministry of Defence has decided to penalize conscientious objectors who are not willing to perform military service in Afghanistan for 28 lari (about 17 thousand dollars). Note that in the case of the death of the soldier State lists the family of the deceased as compensation only 10 lari (about 6 million dollars).

Editor in chief of the military-analytical publication "Arsenal" (Georgia), Irakli Aladashvili believes that the penalty system, which is introduced in the Georgian armed forces, is very tough in terms of soldiers and officers.

"I met with the people who are directly related to the mission in Afghanistan. For example, one of them said that he went into the military to serve in Georgia, but not in Afghanistan. That is, he has no motivation to fly to Afghanistan, "- he said.

According to experts, the Georgian Defense Ministry is trying to intimidate the objectors hefty fines and other methods. In particular, the failure of the mission in Afghanistan is treated as disobedience to the orders of the command.

In addition, salaries, contract soldiers could be reduced by 30 percent for six months under the pretext of "low levels of military and physical training." If the soldier receives a disciplinary offense repeatedly, the total wage cuts will be determined by adding together the penalties for each claim.

Irakli Aladashvili noted that most of the military service of citizens of Georgia are just because of the salary. The analyst also said that the situation is further complicated by the fact that new penalties make it possible conflicts of interest, punishing soldiers without sufficient grounds.

Recently, the participation of Georgian troops in the NATO operation in Afghanistan is a fair criticism, and by the opposition.

Thus, the Labour Party of Georgia has started the procedure of holding a referendum on withdrawal of Georgian troops from Afghanistan. According to the opposition, the requirement is made to the CEC, in parallel started collecting signatures in the population. According to the Georgian legislation, the Parliament considered the issue, you need to collect 30 million signatures.

However, even after the completion of all the procedures, the question is unlikely to be resolved as a referendum to approve the Georgian parliament, constitutional majority which are members of the ruling "United National Movement". So, most of all, the question of the withdrawal of Georgian troops from Afghanistan will be simply removed from the agenda.

In addition, last week, acting in Georgia opposition parties signed a joint declaration and appealed to the NATO command, in which they expressed their outrage disproportionate contribution of Georgia to ensure security in Afghanistan by a decline in the number of troops of other countries.

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