The Government has chosen the sole supplier of uniforms for the army

The government has chosen the sole supplier of uniforms for the armyPetersburg company "BTK groups" former head of the "Olimpstroya" Taymuraz Bolloev became the sole supplier of clothing and equipment for the Russian armed forces. This was reported to the Government of the Russian Federation.

Status as the only provider means that contract the organization will be without competitive bidding, that does not mean that company is entitled to exclusive supply — the customer may, but shall not enter into specific agreements with the company.

"BTK Group" was created in 2007 on the basis of garment factories "Work" and "OP-P", the owner of which in 2005 became the Bolloev. At the current time Bolloev is the sole owner of "MC" Grant's, "which, in turn, owns 82.9 percent of the shares" BTK groups. " As reported by "Interfax", in 2011-2012 "BTK groups" have received contracts from the Ministry of Defense to supply uniforms for a total of 8.4 billion rubles.

In 2010, the proceeds of "BTK group" was 2.12 billion rubles, loss — almost 197 million rubles. At the end of last year the company's turnover increased by 52 per cent to $ 4.4 billion; unblemished profit of 134.1 million rubles.

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