The government is implementing election promises premiere

The government is implementing election promises premiere

The government has recently should make specific suggestions for the implementation of the objectives outlined in Articles 7 election of Vladimir Fishing season. For each of the sectors. With this request, the Prime Minister asked the ministers. Specifically, for the moment, in the process of preparing another budget on time identify ways to set goals in the internal and external policies and methods of their financing. According to Fishing season, The main value remains a serious observance of macroeconomic performance.

All their software articles, and there were seven Vladimir Putin as the release gave for study in the ministry. And now, during the discussion of the budget for 3 years ahead, he expected them to have real proposals. The only thing that warned, would need a lot of money, but the observance of macroeconomic performance — as before the absolute value.

The government is implementing election promises premiere

"By what then, I ask, will we reach the appropriate targets, and from where we will take financial resources, and considerable? Like I said, at the expense of a more correct definition of values, by increasing the efficiency of budget expenditures, reducing those expenses that are not are a priority and could be postponed to a later date. Or, on the contrary, generally eliminated. How outdated. We just need to economically treat municipal resources. And it can be done, "- concluded Vladimir Putin.

Revisit the many great gosproekty offered and head Minekonomrazmitiya Nabiullina. Modernization often inhibits completely out of money, and corruption, the inertia of the local authorities and outdated laws. In particular in the building. The Minister considered: Russia's GDP can increase by 700 billion rubles in year.

"At the current time we have all the same price vkladyvatelnyh implementation of many projects, including the construction, overpriced in comparison to how we can build, and like it could be worth," — stated in rhyme minister Economic Development Minister Elvira Nabiullina.
Vladimir Putin elaborated on tasks that are put in the articles.

Make 2025 sverhtehnologichny 25 million new jobs. To have by 2020 a few world-class institutions. And to waste on research and development is not less than 5.3 percent of all acquired assets.

Waiting for innovation and social sphere. For the third and subsequent babies in some regions means to pay kazhdomesyachnoe allowance. Salaries to teachers of high schools this year — to bring to the average for the region. And by 2018, they are also doctors and researchers to 2 times greater than the national average.

The government is implementing election promises premiere

"Another point to which I wish to draw attention. Creating training courses for admission to the universities of guys who have served in the armed forces military service "- offered to return to the practice of Russian Vladimir Putin.

"From the perspective of financing — small funds — estimated price of revival of such training the Minister of Education and Science Minister Andrei Fursenko. — This is, I think, 230 million rubles a year."

"In any case, you count everything. Prepare and organizational decision," — he gave the order the Prime Minister.
A separate theme — Update Russian army. For these purposes will be allocated 23 trillion rubles. They will go to missiles, cruisers, submarines, tanks and gallakticheskie devices.

The government is implementing election promises premiere

The Finance Ministry ponder: How effective izderzhat funds. And seek out new sources.
"With the increase of wages, we should again see some of the benefits that have been preserved since the times of old times" — suggested Minister of Finance Minister Anton Siluanov.

"As for the benefits, it is necessary to act cautiously — warned Siluanova Vladimir Putin. — We have a very significant improvement in the economical sphere is not read as. Indeed, increase perceptible, but all the same not the same as in the military. Here we are not per se imply. Therefore it is necessary to be very careful not to come so that the abolition of privileges ate all the increases. We increase must be real. "
All proposals promised Putin in May will have orders and decrees of the President. Earlier time he plans to meet with each ministry separately. And again to discuss.

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